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Nithian Pantheon

by James Mishler

Here is some of the stuff I have about Nithia, notably, the basics of the pantheon. Note that this is only the very basics, and actually represents only a portion of the various faiths. For example, there were several different Priesthoods dedicated to Ra/Rathanos alone, the most notorious being the Ranite Priesthood (Chaotic Evil in nature, the direct ancestor of the Magian Fire Worshippers). More details will be available as they are put into computer format...

Immortals of Ancient Nithia

Nithian Name Common Name AL Areas of Concern
Amon Odin LN The Sky, Winds, Rulership
Anhur Ilsundal LG War, General of Horon
Ausar Ausar LN Avenger of Orisis
Bast Bast CN Cats
Bes Bes CN Luck, Protector of Children
Eskar Eskar LN Light, Undead Bane
Hapi Faunus CN Fertility
Haterat* Haterat LN Wife of Orisis, Mothers
Horon* Ixion TN The Sun
Isiris* Valerias CN Wife of Horon
Keb Ka LN The Earth
Khnum Khoronus TN Time, River Nithia
Maat Maat LN Justice in the Afterlife
Mayet Tarastia LN Stability of the Empire
Min Thor LN War, Male Virility
Munes Asterius TN Trade, Merchants, Thieves
Mut Terra LN The Earth
Neith Diulanna NG Protecting the Pharaoh
Nekheb Loki CN Rebellion against the Empire
Nephiris* Tyche CN Luck, Wealth
Nun Protius TN The Sea, Primordial Creation
Nut Nyx TN The Night, the Stars, Afterlife
Orisis* Orisis LG Nithia, Afterlife, Pharaohs
Pflarr* Pflarr TN Magic, Hutaaka
Ptahr* Kagyar TN Craftsmanship, Metalworking
Ra* Rathanos CN Fire, Energy of the Sun
Ran Ranivorus CE Gnolls, Destruction of Nithia
Satet Djaea TN Fertility, Wife of Khnum
Selket Hel CN Magic, the Underworld
Seshat Diamond LN Writing, Wife of Thoth
Set Set CE Evil Incarnate
Shu Frey LN Sky
Sobk Atzanteotl NE Crocodiles
Tefnut Freyja LN Storms
Thanos Thanatos CE Death, The Underworld
Thoth* Thoth LN Wisdom, Magic

* These nine Immortals are the Nithian Ennead, the "Great Nine" of the pantheon. They come in pairs, with one exception: Horon/Isiris, Orisis/Haterat, Ra/Pflarr, Ptahr/Thoth, and Nephiris, who is often found with Horon/Isiris or Orisis/Haterat.

Note: Not all these Immortals were found throughout the entire period of the Nithian Empire (ca. 1700 BC through 500 BC). For example, Sobk/Atzanteotl showed up only later in the era, and Ausar and Eskar were actual Pharaohs who did complete the path to Immortality...