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Natural Healing and Halfling Cooking

by Håvard

Working on the General Skill List revision, I started thinking about uses for the cooking skill. Here are some thoughts.

I am starting with my house rules for Natural Healing (Recovery) as the idea is that cooking can help improve recovery of HP through rest.

Natural Healing

CONDITION Price/Night HP Recovered/ night Spell Recovery (Hours Required)
Dungeon/ Poor Campsite - 1 HP 8
Good Campsite -* 2 HP per night 6
Poor Quality Inn 2sp 1+ ( x Level) HP 6
Common Quality Inn 5sp 1 HP/Level 6
Good Quality Inn 1 gp 1 HP/ Level +1d4 HP 4
Superior Quality Inn 5 gp 1 HP/Level +1d6 4
Hospital varies 1 HP/ Level + 1d8 4

*=A good campsite requires bedrolls, a tent, a fireplace and probably a good spot for the site. In order to pick the best campsite location, the DM may sometimes require a Survival Skill Roll.

Skills and Natural Healing

The skills above can be used to augment natural healing. With a successful use of any of the three skills, treat recovery as with one condition level higher. It is possible to use all three skills and have them stack.

Cooking Difficulty Modifiers

The minimum required for cooking to have any effect on recovery is a campfire, a cooking pot and very basic food (such as iron rations) and drinks (water).

Modifier Available Goods
-3 Campfire cooking
+1 Fresh foodstuffs rather than iron rations available
+1 Spices or garlic available
+1 Quality drinks available (wineskin or better)
+1 A good pipesmoke after the meal
+2 Cook is a Halfling

Other uses of the cooking skill.

The main function of the cooking skill is that it makes life a little less miserable when you are travelling through the wilderness. Anyone can scamble together a half-decent meal, but a good cook can make even a few simple scraps help you forget about the rainy and cold conditions an adventurer sometimes has to live under. If the DM permits it, the cooking skill can also improve the moral of retainers and henchmen accompanying the PCs.