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Some of the known Outer Beings

by Geoff Gander

The way I have it, The Outer Beings came to be at about the same time as the Old Ones, but they are less powerful. A single Outer Being is more than a match for an Immortal - even a Hierarch - but they are "safely" imprisoned away where they cannot do any harm - for now. A group of Immortals could take on an Outer Being, though it would be a tough fight.

Among the known Outer Beings:

Akh'All the Unmentionable (think of a mass of writhing tentacles crossed with a giant festering slug) - Greater Outer Being

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Seen (a black pit of nothingness, containing...a hideous monstrosity whose appearance is so hideous even Immortals would be driven insane) - Greater Outer Being

Rasthz the Many-Mouthed (a giant beholder-like creature with hundreds of mouths instead of eyes) - Greater Outer Being

Rosheg-Kha (a 10' tall creature resembling a lizard man, but covered in festering sores and bubbling pseudopods) - Lesser Outer Being

H'rug (a spindly collection of bony tentacles, pseudopods, eyestalks, and brain-like lumps, measuring about 2 miles long) - Lesser Outer Being

Feel free to add more, or detail any of these guys.