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The Oak Leaf Pendent of Thendara

by Rick LaRue

Here's a magical item I created for my campaign. It's not an artifact, but it would be of some worth to a priest of Ordana (or any one else).

The Oak Leaf Pendent of Thendara

This silver pendent is of exceptional craftsmanship, appearing to be a real oak leaf grown of silver. Upon placing the slender silver chain around ones neck, the wearer gains several exceptional abilities. If the wearer is a cleric of Ordana, they gain additional powers described below. The pendent bestows a +1 AC bonus to its wearer, as long as they are within a forest. Additionally, the pendent gives its owner a +2 reaction bonus from all non-evil forest creatures including elves, centaurs, dryads and treants as well as all normal forest animals. The pendent allows its owner to Speak with Animals and Speak with Plants once per day. If the owner is a cleric of Ordana the AC and reaction bonuses are doubled, plus the priest is allowed to memorise one additional spell for each spell level from one to four from the clerical spheres of Plant or Animal. The priest gains the extra spell slots only while wearing the pendant, and only if they have access to spells of that level. If the pendant is removed, the spells are lost.

The pendent is an exceptional magical item and holy symbol of Ordana, lost centuries ago during the Rain of Fire that destroyed Blackmoor. Since then it has travelled from one treasure horde to the next, mistakenly believe to be merely a finely made trinket.

XP Value: 4,000/6,000