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The Church of Thyatis: Oath of Liege

by Peter Balazs

As one of the PCs has got a dominion in the hinterlands, he had to swear an oath before the emperor. In it I've also included the immortals, which IMC are part of the official Thyatian religion:

I have taken the first two paragraphs from canon (I think), probably PWA or DotE. The third part is my doing, but as you can see, I'm not a poet. (And I had only some hours before we started to play!)

Oath of Liege:
- --------------

Mighty Thyatis, jewel of the world,
Great is your glory, strong is your arm,
lasting millennia, long lives of men,
Gen'rous your mercy, kindness your strength

I hereby pledge obedience to you, mighty Thyatis, jewel of the world!

Mighty Thincol, scion of strength
hardened by battle and willing to rule
You have the sceptre, crowned is your head,
guide me, your servant, lead me ahead.

I hereby pledge obedience to you, mighty Thincol, scion of strength!

Mighty Gods, protectors of the jewel,
guide us to victory and honour,
Asterius, give us enough thought
to distinguish between Merchants and Thieves,
Korotiku, lend us your luck,
to trick our enemies,
Odin, let us be wise enough,
to know when to battle,
Protius, cruel as your sea,
we fear your wrath,
Tarastia, we will be just with the honourable
but our revenge will be harsh,
Thanatos, your necessary evil
reminds us of the cost of failure,
Thor, fierce as thunder
guide our strong arm in battle,
Vanya, model for all women,
we conquer in your name!

I hereby pledge obedience to you, Mighty Gods, protectors of the jewel!