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Outer Beings

by Geoff Gander

Following up on my collaboration with Bruce in fleshing out Frisland, I am starting a series of blog posts in which I detail followers of the various Outer Beings. My goal is to provide DMs with a handful of well-developed, memorable NPCs that can serve as vehicles to introduce the Outer Beings to player characters, or to up the ante in what may already be in play. Links to the posts are below, classified by Being:

Cosmology of the Outer Beings (scroll down to the bottom of the article)

1. Akh'All the Unmentionable

2. Rasthz the Many-Mouthed

3. Yurrgh-Thal

4. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Seen

5. Hrug

6. Rosheg-Kha

7. Ubbeth