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Ochalean Court

by Marco Dalmonte

Okay after some revising and discussions on the IMMB (Italian Mystara Message Boards ), this is the final draft of my Celestial Court. Note that I used an online Chinese-English dictionary to come up with Ochalean sounding names for Immortals, and took only small liberties in a couple of cases:

Emperor Kor Si-Yi (Koryis): He who thinks and rules
Empress Ta Liu Ai-Tan (Talitha): She who sows bitter suffering

The Four Advisers (each one representing one of the elements that make up the universe and the living being):
Nian-Mai Si-Xiang (Noumena for Thought): Ancient thinker
Fu Shi Liu (Khoronus for Time): Father of the time that flows
Hen-Hao Ten (Idraote for Soul/Energy): Source of good health/spirit
Wei Long (Great One for Matter): Great Dragon

The 14 Ministers:
Xi-Yang (Ixion): Bringer of daylight
Nu-Shi Hei-An (Nyx): Lady of darkness
Yao-Lan Zi (Alphatia): Cradle of beauty
Hui Da-Zhi (Alphaks): Forge of destruction
An-Ying Zhu Hou (Aracne Prime): Spider Queen of shadows
Guan Zi-You (Korotiku): Guardian of freedom
Han Li (Arnelee): Keeper of virtue/reason
Ba Pian-Shu (Brissard): Master of deceit
Ta Lai Si-Fa (Tarastia): She who grants justice
Fu Han Qing (Faunus): Father that shakes passions
Ta Qi Ming (Tyche): She who spins fate
Ssu-Ma: Venerable sage
Biao Hun Xi-Ai (Valerias): Shining spirit that loves
Chai Shi Hui (Luup): Ravenous beast that devours

And here are the immortals who got specialty priests in Ochalea:

Koryis: peace, prosperity, diplomacy, tolerance, respect the laws
Ssu-Ma: Knowledge, memory, education, history, writing, magic, scholars and sages
Ta Lai Si-Fa (Tarastia): Law, order, truth, justice and just vengeance
Mao You-Li (Saimpt Malinois), Powerful spear : Lupins, war, hunting, bravery, arms and armourers, wereslayers
Nin Fang-Li (Ninfangle), You watch over us : Rakasta, bravery, adventure, travels, battle, hunting
Wei Long (Great Dragon): Creation, cosmic order, magic, dragons
Dou Shang (Thor), King of battle: War, battle, honour, courage
An-Ying Zhu Hou (Aracne Prime) : Spiders and aranea, deceit, oppression, darkness
Chai Shi Hui (Luup): Death, cruelty, survival of the fittest, winter, night, clan loyalty
Pharamond: magic, egoism, cleverness, ogre-magi

1. Ochaleans for the most part follow the philosophical faith of the Celestial Court, so they worship all together the deities that make up this pantheon. However, some of these immortals get individual cults as well because they are so much popular in the island. In particular, Koryis is considered overall patron of Ochalea, Ssu-Ma is the patron of civilisation and knowledge, and the Great Dragon is patron of cosmic balance and wisdom.
2. Tarastia is one of the few Thyatian deities whose personal faith has a strong appeal to the Ochaleans and the Thyatian dwellers in the island alike.
3. Malinois is the patron of all Ochalean lupins, with the exception of the scholarly Chow-chow who follow Ssu-ma, and of the warlike Shar-pei who worship Thor. Also most lupins do revere and respect Loup, merciless patron of death, strength and winter.
4. Aracne Prime is worshipped by a cult of assassins led by aranea who pose as Ochaleans.