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The Olympian Pantheon Part III: The Elder Titans

by Jonathan Becker

Despite being called "Titans" the Immortals listed are all true Immortals, not just mortals Transformed into an ageless body (as described in WotI). The term "Titan" is used to refer to those Immortals that ruled the Prime Plane prior to the ascension of the Olympian Immortals (i.e. Zeus and his compatriots). These beings remain alive and Immortal, but they are greatly reduced in power. Likewise, they remain outside of the Olympic pantheon and remain isolated and disorganised. Clerics that follow that venerate the Olympic Immortals do not pay homage or worship to these Immortals; only small cults of specialty clerics will follow individual Titans. A cleric wishing to do so gain all the abilities and follow all the proscriptions listed under "Mystery."

Some of these Immortals are identical in nature to Immortals listed in WotI. Clerics following these Immortals gain the benefits and follow the strictures listed in WotI.

Unless otherwise noted, all Titans are automatically "giant" in size (21 to 30 feet high), whether Manifesting on an Outer Plane or the Prime. As true Immortals they may use magic to shapeshift, of course. Generally, they do not throw rocks.

Elder Titans with the ability to Call Other may only call Immortals of their own Sphere (whether Olympian or not). They may not use the ability to call another Titan unless it is one of their own Sphere.

Although the Titans are displaced Immortals, they are not all enemies of the Olympians listed in Part II. Some, like Gaia and Charon, pursue the same Immortal pursuits they always have. Others, like Erebus and Ouranos, chaff at their new, lesser role in the Immortal hierarchy and will actively plot and scheme against the Olympic gods. However, their disorganisation, and their lesser power, makes these plots largely ineffective.

CHARON (8th Level Temporal of Entropy) AL N, Str 20, Int 15, Wis 20, Dex 23, Con 25, Cha 8, Powers: Enhanced Reflexes, Howl, Leech, Turn Undead

History/notes: Charon is the Immortal ferryman responsible for taking the shades (souls) of the deceased across the River Archeron to the lands of the dead. He does not provide this service for free and expects every shade to have at least a silver coin as payment for his boat ride (worshippers of the Olympic pantheon know that a silver coin must be placed in the mouth of any recently deceased person as payment for Charon). Charon appears as a wizened old man wrapped in a dark robe; he has a grim sense of humour, and feels absolutely no sympathy for shades that cannot pay the toll. His Immortal sponsor was Erebus, and he is not considered an Olympian. His Manifestation form is always human-sized (though he almost never manifests on the Prime Plane).

Mystery: Clerics gain a +1 to Constitution and +1 to Intelligence. Clerics of Charon must make certain that any corpses found (or created!) have at least a silver coin placed under his tongue as payment for the ferry to Hades. More valuable coins may be uses, of course.

EREBUS (19th Level Empyreal of Entropy) AL C, Str 56, Int 45, Wis 20, Dex 20, Con 52, Cha 31, Powers: Extra Attacks, Fighter Options, Howl, Increased Damage

History/notes: Erebus is an elder Titan and not one of the Olympians, though he resides in the realm of Hades known as Tartarus and does work on occasion for his Hierarch. Erebus bitterly resents his displacement as lord of the underworld by Hades and blames both Nyx and Zeus as much for his loss of power as Hades himself; however, Erebus greatly fears Hades' power and dares not scheme against the Hierarch on his own. Erebus spends much of his time creating newer and more deadly monsters for the testing and destruction of mortal heroes.

Mystery: Clerics gain the Infravision ability and must be non-Lawful in alignment.

GAIA (36th Level Hierarch of Matter) AL L, Str 85, Int 76, Wis 100, Dex 44, Con 100, Cha 78, Powers: Call Other, Extra Attacks, Groan, Increased Damage

History/notes: Gaia is the personification of Mother Earth and an elder Titan, not an Olympian god. Unlike her compatriot Titans, however, Gaia still stands as a reigning hierarch. The reason for this is simple: while not actively worshipped, she is venerated by all who respect and cherish the Earth (including druids and most woodland inhabitants). Likewise, she acts as mother to all except the most callous and wickedly destructive of evil creatures (like orcs and goblins). She does not reside in the Olympus plane and only ever manifests in the Prime Plane. When she does, it is generally as an Avatar, not her full Manifestation form.

Mystery: As Djaea.

HECATE (18th Level Celestial of Matter) AL N, Str 21, Int 50, Wis 40, Dex 18, Con 26, Cha 45, Powers: Control Undead, Dragon Breath, Howl, Spit Poison

History/notes: Historically, Hecate was a goddess in her own right, associated with the moon and the feminine mysteries, especially midwifery. Later "adopted" into the Greek pantheon, she remained a popular figure of worship despite being a non-Olympian. Greek myth counts her among the elder Titans, having been born to Ouranos and Gaia. Her Immortal sponsor was Gaia, and she has learned all the knowledge of Earth magic from her "mother." She is associated with the "dark side" of the Moon and his known for having much forbidden wisdom, but she is not evil per se...just terrible when angered!

Mystery: Clerics of Hecate may choose to advance as either a cleric or a magic-user, not both. If following the path of the magic-user the character has all the abilities and restrictions of that class, but gains a +1 to Intelligence. If following the cleric class, the character still gains a +1 to Intelligence, but also gains a +1 to Turn Undead. Followers of Hecate must be non-Lawful in alignment. They also suffer a -1 reaction adjustment to all interactions with NPCs (though this may be off-set by a high Charisma).

KRONOS (24th Level Empyreal of Time) AL N, Str 20, Int 54, Wis 50, Dex 20, Con 60, Cha 44, Powers: Enhanced Reflexes, Extra Attacks (x2), Increased Damage

History/notes: Kronos is not one of the Olympian Immortals; rather he is an elder Titans, and the former ruler of the pantheon before being cast down by Zeus and his generation. Kronos has lost much of his power and is not venerated as he once was; however, he is known as Father Time and all who count time give respect to this Immortal. He dwells on his own Outer Plane in solitude and does not seek to regain his throne from Zeus; that time for him has passed. He almost never manifests in the Prime Plane and neither interferes with, nor attempts to sponsor mortals.

Mystery: As Khoronus.

NYX (26th Level Eternal of Entropy) AL N, Str 65, Int 50, Wis 33, Dex 28, Con 44, Cha 48, Powers: Control Undead, Improved Saving Throw (Power), Leech, Thief Abilities

History/notes: Nyx is an elder Titan, not an Olympian, and resides on her own dark Outer Plane. Once one of the first daughters of Chaos, she has fallen greatly in power since the rise of the Olympians; however, as an Immortal of Entropy she recognises that all things break down, and does not begrudge her displacement as a Hierarch (she knows her time will come again some day). While her ancient brother-spouse Erebus works with Hades, Nyx spends most of her time isolated in darkness, creating her monsters and undead and working on her own plans.

Mystery: As Nyx. Clerics may always see through their own darkness. Clerics of Nyx may not be Lawful in alignment.

OURANOS (22nd Level Empyreal of Energy) AL C, Str 65, Int 45, Wis 20, Dex 20, Con 65, Cha 22, Powers: Dragon Breath, Groan, Increased Damage, Improved Saving Throw (Spells)

History/notes: At one time the lord of the sky, this elder Titan was thrown down by the younger Kronos and since that time has remained in relative obscurity, although he did sponsor both Aphrodite and Hera to Immortality. Aphrodite is the elder having been created shortly after his diminishment. Both goddesses were sponsored with the intention of stirring up trouble for the Olympians and they have performed admirably in this regard, both having the vanity of their sponsor and causing strife because of it. Ouranos prefers to remain behind the scenes and is no longer venerated as he once was, but would be happy to step back into the role of sky god should misfortune befall Zeus and the other Olympians.

Mystery: Upon reaching 5th level, clerics of Ouranos may fly once per day (as the spell). Clerics of Ouranos may not be Lawful and have a habit of kicking up strife wherever they go; they may not have henchmen or hirelings.

PROMETHEUS (12th Level Temporal of Time) AL L, Str 25, Int 19, Wis 22, Dex 17, Con 25, Cha 20, Powers: Detection Suite, Enhanced Reflexes, Improved Saving Throw (Mental), Turn Undead

History/notes: Technically an elder Titan, Prometheus would still be considered an Olympian had he not passed forbidden knowledge of the Olympians to mortals. As punishment for this, Zeus has had Prometheus chained with Baaka chains for eternity. More than once he has been freed only to be re-captured, though he has been able to manufacture artifacts that would grant his clerics spells while he is so imprisoned. Any specialist cleric of his is expected to search for a way to free the Immortal. Prometheus has no human-sized Manifestation form.

Mystery: While Prometheus is enchained, his clerics receive no special benefits and are unable to commune with the Immortal. On the other hand, clerics of Prometheus never face divine retribution from their Immortal as long as he is held captive. When freed, specialist clerics may produce fire twice per day and receive a +1 to Turn Undead. To gain this benefit, clerics of Prometheus are expected to aid any human in need, and never to refuse a request for help from a human.

RHEA (25th Level Eternal of Thought) AL N, Str 34, Int 78, Wis 45, Dex 35, Con 35, Cha 40, Powers: Detection Suite, Enhanced Reflexes, Improved Saving Throw (Power), Thief Abilities

History/notes: The Immortal "mother" of Zeus, Rhea is one of the elder Titans and not an Olympian. It was her railing against the treatment of the "new" Immortals (Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hades) that caused her to hide Zeus from Kronos and aid him in the overthrow of the elder Titans. For her help, Zeus maintains a place in Olympus for Rhea, but for political reasons must keep her "outside" of the Pantheon. Her worshippers are few today, and she no longer dabbles in Immortal politics, being content to simply watch over those she considers "her children:" the Olympians.

Mystery: Clerics gain a +2 to Intelligence. They may be of any alignment, but must never refuse aid to or allow harm to come to children of any species.

THANATOS (13th Level Celestial of Entropy) AL C, Str 20, Int 20, Wis 33, Dex 40, Con 22, Cha 39, Powers: Control Undead, Groan, Increased Damage, Leech

History/notes: In Greek mythology, Thanatos represents death personified. Much less powerful than Hades, the Immortal is simply responsible for helping souls transition from the mortal world to the lands of dead. The Immortal does not actually harvest souls himself, but as an Immortal he is responsible for putting in motion plots that will "aid" souls in making the transition. This makes him both hated and feared by most mortals on the Prime Plane, and as a result he has few followers and much less power. Those that venerate Thanatos are generally homicidal in nature; most mortals would prefer to solicit Hades (or Persephone) to intervene with Thanatos on their behalf. Thanatos is NOT considered an Olympian, though he is not generally counted amongst the Titans. His Immortal sponsor was Erebus, and he is an outsider amongst the Immortals (though he obeys the Hierarch of his sphere). He is always human-sized in Manifest form.

Mystery: As Thanatos.

This list is by no means exhaustive: there are plenty of minor Immortals and elder Titans that exist in Greek mythology and such are readily utilised as antagonists or allies for PC Immortals when necessary. Wikipedia, for instance, lists nearly 50 "children" of Poseidon alone...any one of these would be considered appropriate fodder for an Immortal campaign.