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Wand of Orcus

by the_handcuff00

I was working on a Karameikan adventure centered around the cultists of Orcus and the Dark Triad, and I found an old copy of AD&D 1st edition, and they had a special magic item for the Wand of Orcus. Using the guidelines they had in the book I came up with the following:

Wand of Orcus
Primary Power: Touch of Death Save v. Magic
Minor Benign Powers (4):
1. Animate Dead, by touch 1 Figure, 7 times/week
2. Zombie Animation 1 time/week
3. Detect Invisibility (when held and ordered)
4. Detect Magic 3 times/day
Major Benign Powers (2)
1. Dispel Magic (upon command) 2 times/day
2. Polymorph Self 7 times/week
(3. OPTION: Cause Disease by touch instead of one of the above)
Minor Malevolent Effects (2)
1. Holy water within 10 becomes polluted
2. Possessor cannot be away from Wand for more than 1 day
Major Malevolent Effects (1)
1. Geas/Quest (kill all of mankind)
Side Effects (1)
1. Lycanthropy inflicted upon possessor