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Morale and ocean voyages

by Robin

Having spoken with real life old sailors/shippers every vessel (even those before their days) was almost required to settle on land every 4 weeks or so at worst or the morale of the crew would deteriorate rapidly. in game terms I would decrease the morale of all individuals by 1 for each week after the 4th week without the chance of setting shore. Doing this individually will be a heck of a work, yet it makes clearer which individuals are more easy to revolt and attempt a mutiny to the DM. Being in a port is not enough...the crew must be able to be onland a minimum of 8 hours to nullify this morale effect (by the use if walking but also eating/drinking/overdrinking/skirmish/sex/trade/visually/olfactorial explore

To make the system the easiest to use.
List all crew members by name and individual morale (2d6 average 7) in a single sheet and column. then add the penalty after 4 weeks no shore and all temporary adjustments
Those with an adjusted morale below 5 would be inclined to disobey, below 3 would surely rebel if given the chance. above 9 crew is very content, and those above 10 will do almost anything

I would add a negative temporary penalty of 1 for each of the following
1--when food and/or water and/or booze are restricted if low in ammount,
2--a disease(including Lycanthropy/Undead) runs rampant,
3--being understaffed due sickness, disease, plunder, or monster attacks
4--Clear bad omen sighted (only experienced sailors know these; killing an Albatros, fairy lights on sea, a dolphin landing on board, catching a merrow accidently, the ships cat sickens or dies or is gone, visions(Immortal/ghost)
5--ship is damaged and needs serious repair
6--sighting a ghost ship
7--boarding a ghostship
8--saving a rafter
9--Having Red or Black sails (white, creme, brown, beige are acceptable)
10--sudden windfall to 0
11--any individual crew member put in the brig for disobeying will suffer a individual -1 on morale

I would add a positive temporary adjustment of 1 for each of the following
1--when food and/or water and/or booze are abundant in ammount,
2--being understaffed due sickness, disease, plunder, or monster attacks
3--Clear good omen sighted (only experienced sailors know these; Albatros lands on mast or deck and accepts food, laterns seem to shed more light(this is a normal effects and in real life sighted on areas of sea producing more oxygen), captain wins friendly dice game with crew
4--dolphins travelling with the vessel,
5--Sighting a Narwhal, the ships cat gets offspring.
6--nets capture lots of herring (best and most eaten fish worldwide)
7--sinking a ghostship
8--catch lost cargo or useful ship debris
9--Excellent wind (strong in desired direction)
10-- any individual crew member reinstated rehonored will receive a individual +1 on morale

All these adjustments last no longer than a day, or as long as the cause applies