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Post-Adventure Weariness

by Håvard

This was spawned from a discussion in another forum. The idea is that after each adventure each player must roll once on this table to see if the adventure has had some unforseen effects:

Roll 1d12 Effect
1 Armor is dented. See an armorer or suffer a -1 penalty to AC until the armor is repaired. Repair cost is 10% of armor cost.
2 Weapon is dulled. See a weapon smith or suffer a -1 penalty to hit until the weapon is sharpened.
3 Mild flu: suffer -1 to Con until you have seen a doctor
4 Mild wasting disease: -1 Str until you have seen a doctor
5 Infectious wound. -1d8 Hp that won't heal until you have seen a doctor
6 Aura of heroism: Your adventure has given you a sense of confidence. add +1 to Cha until the end of your next adventure.
7 Sinful thoughts: Travelling on the road is hard. suffer -1 to Wis until you have seen a Cleric, or given in to your lusts.
8 Loneliness: Suffer -1 penalty to Cha until you have spent a night carousing or otherwise socializing
9 Disgruntled followers: Check morale for Henchmen
10 The legend grows: Free beer at the local inn.
11. Reward: Stories of your exploits have reached the ear of a local noble/merchant who wishes to give you 3d6 GP.
12 DM's choice