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List of BECMI/RC Classes

by Giampaolo Agosta

Here are the alchemical potions I use, compared with the magical ones.

Name Potion Effect Alchemical Effect
Agility 18 Dex +1 Dex (up to 18)
Antidote Poison immunity Cure 1 specific poison
Blending 90% indetectability +20% HS
Bug Repellent +4 ST vs bug spells, Giant bugs must save +1 ST vs bug spells, Normal bugs must save
Climbing 95% CW +20% CW (up to 95%)
Fire Resistance Immune to normal fire, +2 ST vs fire, -1 dmg -1 dmg from normal fire, +1 ST vs fire
Fortitude 18 Con +1 Con (up to 18)
Freedom Immune to Hold spells +2 ST vs Paralysis
Healing 1d6+1 HP 1d4 HP
Strength 18 Str +1 Strength (up to 18)
Swimming 180'/turn, cannot sink +2 Swimming (or can use proficiency)
Water Breathing 4 hours 2d4 rounds (over the standard)
Greek Fire N/A 1d4 HP (as flaming oil)
Blinding N/A 1d4 rounds
Eaterwater N/A 1d4 HP (acid damage)
Cure Disease   Cure 1 specific disease