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The Pandora's Box

by Sean Meaney

Landfall sits on the far northern edge of the ever expanding Heldann Territories. Over ten thousand people are crammed into an inconveniently tight rat nest. The Docks are an extensive concern. There are a mile of upturned ship hulls providing a unique roof structure to Taverns, inns, and shoppes along the waterfront. To compliment this architecture are the wooden docks, two hundred and fifty (four hundred square feet panels) wooden lattice drawbridges that rest on deep water pylons. it is here on a twenty feet wide dock that cargo and crew mingles with labourers and thieves. Against this Dock are can be found many ships from many lands.
The rest of the town is a warren of multistorey wooden dwellings that lean over the narrow filth strewn streets and alleys until they touch and merge.
Here humanity is crammed into the tight wooden buildings and diseased alleys with a bad case of lice.
Yet Landfall is more than a Thieves guild by the Sea.
Its single subterranean aqueduct (a stone cut escape tunnel that just happened to flood one spring) feeds fresh mountain meltwater strait into the public fountain at the base of the Governors wooden mansion.

Landfall has grown from humble beginnings and a few of the buildings were here before the exodus carried this group of less than desirable Alphatians to these distant shores. Infact the community has actually grown. Lost in this nest is Pandora's Box. The Town has grown from a few buildings by the Sea to over two thousand.

Pandora's Box (MK2)
Description: An unusual artifact, it is all to easy to open and costs a fortune to close yet it has unleashed the most terrible of plagues (civilisation) upon the world.
Artifact of Entropy
Building (2xwoodform/varient)-every night the box causes to be built a three story dwelling of 20'x20' ground coverage.
Feeding the Box: The box steals coins from across the town. One coin here and there to continuously recharge for each night. Every night it steals a thousand gold pieces (they simply vanish) and places some new wooden building in some tight fitting location that is more inconvenience that benefit.
Plague upon plague: The box must be closed every 99 years or it will unleash a plague (the last was fleas and lice a current problem in Landfall, before that it was Lycanthropy during the settlement of Thyatis City) To stop the box it must be fed 1,000,000gp.