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Path of the Defiler (Entropy)

by Jason O'Brien


The Defiler must search for an artifact belonging to each of the other four spheres, and either destroy it or corrupt it in some manner. this will be a major undertaking, the details of which will be decided by the immortal sponsor.


The Defiler must recover a lost or stolen artifact of entropy and return it to his sponsor. He must also defile a temple of each of his sponsors immortal enemies. This must be a temple in an urban area not some rural shrine.


The Defiler must force twelve people into his worship and lay down the method of worship, his sponsor will grant their clerical powers for now. Each follower must attain twelfth level while in the defiler's service. The Defiler must also change the land in some corrupting manner for a thousand miles in diameter.


The Defiler must challenge eight members of each class available to his race, to a one on one duel, each must be at least 25th level or above. He must either kill them or corrupt them. He must also be acknowledged the superior of all in the area he altered. He must erect a vast temple to himself, so that his worship will have a focus point from which to spread.