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The Path of the Fiend

by Steven B Wilson

Has anyone ever developed a Quest, Trial, Testimony and Task for Entropy? Here is what I came up with:

Fiend - Path to the Sphere of Entropy

This path does not favour any character class but does favour those of an evil (preferably chaotic) alignment. Entropy is the weakening of the fabric of the Multiverse. It seeks to bring all things to a stop, causing oblivion. Entropy seeks to destroy Matter, dissipate Energy, stagnate Time, and stifle Thought.

The Seven Tests:
Dedication to Entropy
Persistence in the Face of Adversity
Fast Thinking
Destroy without Remorse

Quest and Trial

The fiend must quest for an artifact of the Sphere of Entropy. During the Quest, the fiend must be accompanied by at least one priest, one warrior, one wizard, and one rogue. The candidate must gain their trust and friendship, and then betray each of them in a different way. The betrayal must be know to the betrayed, but no one else need know.


The candidate must, lie, destroy, or turn people against each other as much as possible. The fiend must travel to different cultures and lands, possibly other worlds, for five years while accomplishing this Task.


After completing the Task, the candidate must either create a new race of monsters, or corrupt a group or culture of no less than 1000 individuals. The more the merrier! The corruption must take the form of the culture's impending destruction or change to Entropic worship.