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Path of the Fiend

by David Knott

This final path is inspired by material created by Steven B. Wilson. This final path opposes the Path of the Polymath in the Sphere of Matter. Neither this path nor its counterpart favours any particular character type.

Quest/Task: The Fiend will be reincarnated in three additional lives. Each of these lives (or unlives?) is as a different character class or species. The selected character type is rolled on the same character type tables used by Polymaths in WotI. However, once a Fiend has undergone a career selected from either of the two tables he must forego that table and proceed to the next table. Once both tables have been used, his next incarnation must be as an undead, lycanthrope, gremlin, nagpa, or other Entropic creature. In these three incarnations the Fiend must meet all of the qualifications given for a follower of the Path of the Polymath.

Testimony: During his quests the Fiend must be accompanied by one member of each of the four basic character classes, and he must betray one of them during each quest, with the last remaining follower betrayed during the testimony. Each follower must be kept alive and relatively intact until he is betrayed. Once all four followers have been betrayed, the Fiend must erect a monument at least 100 feet tall to his personal glory and the contempt of his betrayed followers. This monument must stand for at least ten years.

Trial: After completing the final stage of the quest, the Fiend must under- take a final adventure with his sole remaining companion, whom he will betray at some point during the trial. The Fiend begins again as a 1st level adventurer but can draw on the abilities of all four of his previous incarnations. He uses the most favourable attack and saving throw tables but the least favourable XP table for all of his classes. During his trial the Fiend must betray his last remaining follower and then build the monument for his testimony. Once the Fiend reaches 12th level in all of his new classes, he becomes an Immortal in the Sphere of Entropy dedicated to destroying Matter.