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A Brief History of Pennydown House

by Aaron Nowack

Pennydown House is the largest of the domestic trading families. It is the fifth richest house in Darokin. Its shops are on every corner. It is powerful politically, with many allies. All these are quite large accomplishments for a House founded only 70 years ago. Pennydown became a Great House in 964, replacing the failing Ardel House. It soon surpassed Toney, fellow new comer Franich, Umbarth, and Al-Azrad Houses to reach its current position. This was done mainly through its purchase of hundreds of small stores, an unprecedented scale for such operations. Indeed, Pennydown, along with Franich, are often used as classic Darokinian success stories. Some feel that Pennydown and Franich represent the next generation of Great House, small and nimble, and will soon replace the lumbering dinosaurs of the larger Houses. Of course, many others think theses ideas are ludicrous. Other than this, Pennydown's history has been relatively uneventful, and it shows no signs of slowing down in its remarkable growth.

However, all this is not enough for Elissa Pennydown...

Pennydown House Assets

Pennydown probably has more assets inside Darokin than any other House. It does no trade with foreign nations. Pennydown acts as a distributor for many of the other Houses goods.

Pennydown House Relations

Al-Azrad: Friendly. Pennydown often sells Al-Azrad goods.

Corun: Friendly. Both Houses are allies of Mauntea. Elissa is also trying to develop a personal friendship with Nathalie Kalimi.

Franich: Friendly. the two Houses have much in common, and often cooperate on matters of importance. Pennydown has betrayed important information about Franich's less reputable activities to Toney House...

Hallonica: Friendly. Pennydown often sells Hallonica goods.

Linton: (Secretly) Friendly. Pennydown has convinced Linton that it will turn on Mauntea soon. Of course, whether it will is another question...

Mauntea: Friendly. Pennydown plays the part of a staunch ally of Mauntea.

Toney: Friendly. Pennydown has given important information to Toney House. In addition, Elissa and Mendel Callister are discussing the possibility of her marrying one of Mendel's sons.

Umbarth: Friendly. Elissa inherited this friendship from her father, who was a good friend of Greenleaf Vickers. She has strengthened this bond, but she is sure that Umbarth is hiding something, and she wants to know what...

House Pennydown Personality

Elissa Pennydown (2nd/17th level magic-user/merchant, LE)

Elissa Pennydown, at 26, is the youngest member of the Inner Council. She is tall and beautiful, with blonde hair and green eyes. She is often considered the "Queen of Darokin City Society" and is well known for her friendly manner. She has dabbled in magic, and is a successful merchant.

However, her true calling is not business, but politics. Specifically, the acquiring of power. Power at any price, be it blood, marriage, or bribery. She has carefully developed friendships with every House, and knows more about the dirty side of Darokinian politics than any other person alive. She controls the largest spy network in Darokin. She is cold-hearted, and willing to sacrifice any principle to gain power.

Elissa believes in the plutocracy almost like a religion, and is a strong opponent of the proposals for democratic reforms that are occasionally made in the Outer Council. She believes in a manifest destiny of spreading Darokin's system of government throughout the world. For unknown reasons, she bears a strong hatred for Thyatis and Alphatia, which can drive her to irrational acts.

All these traits make Elissa quite possibly the most dangerous person on the Inner Council.