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Immortals to Pathfinder Gods Comparisons

by Andrew Theisen

Here is my own take on the "core" gods of Pathfinder for contrast to rip's list. Most of these don't entirely match up. I listed some alternatives, and some of these are really just my take on Mystara's immortals.

Abadar = Asterius (wealth, merchants, cities)
Asmodeus = Atzanteotl (tyranny, slavery, contracts)
Calistria = Eiryndul (chaos, revenge, trickery)
Cayden Cailean = Faunus (revelry, freedom, wine)
Desna = Korotiku (dreams, luck, travelers)
Erastil = Frey or Petra (farmers, family, hunting)
Gorum = Vanya (strength, battle, weapons) - alternatively, Halav
Gozreh = Calitha Starbrow (nature, weather, sea) - alternatively, Protius
Iomedae = Tarastia (honor, justice, valor) - alternatively, Al-Kalim or Forsetta
Irori = Koryis (history, knowledge, self-perfection)
Lamashtu = Hel (monsters, aberrations, nightmares) - alternatively, Ka (a more evil version)
Nethys = Either Rad or Palartarkan (magic)
Norgorber = Talitha (secrets, murder, poison)
Pharasma = Khoronus (birth, death, prophecy) - alternatively, Hel
Rovagug = Alphaks (wrath, disaster, destruction) - alternatively, Orcus
Sarenrae = Ixion (Sun, healing, redemption)
Shelyn = Valerias (art, beauty, love) - alternatively, Alphatia
Torag = Halav (forge, protection, strategy) - alternatively, Kagyar
Urgathoa = Nyx (undead, disease) - alternatively, Ranivorus
Zon-Kuthon = Thanatos (darkness, pain, envy)