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Thoughts about the crew of The Pioneer

by Francesco Defferrari

Well a ship needs a captain and he has to have the final say, I do not think multiple authors can really work because they could have different ideas on the direction to take and the places to visit.
But I think it could be viable to "simulate" different opinions in the crew by different people taking the role of different factions. Implementing the morale rules devised by Robin, a mutiny could also be theorically possible if the captain loses the majority.
The Captain of the Pioneer and his close friends:
- Lathan Lancehand from XSOLO should be the Captain and also the owner of the Pioneer, as proposed by Robin. His elven fiancee Alandah, that once he rescued from slavers, should be present too and his second.
- Brother Octave should be part of the crew as representative of the Church of Karameikos. He seems a cleric of Korotiku, a minority church in Karameikos which definitely would have an interest in contacting other followers of his god. He became a friend of Lathan and I think is loyal to him.
- I would have Elrem as a Minrothaddan dwarf, rather than a Rockhome dwarf. He would be good as representative of Minrothad. Probably he had a past as a pirate, hence his low standing in the past, but later became a friend of Lathan, and he is probably loyal.
- Kuat may have an origin from Thanegioth (or Pearl Islands, he may not even know for sure), maybe he was the victim of slavers too, but later earned his freedom as gladiator in Thyatis, moved to Mirros and fought the Iron Ring with Lathan. After that, he moved to Ierendi where he became friend with the current King and Queen. Certainly the Tribunal of Ierendi does not trust him and put Krag to spy on him.
- Suparjo could work as a female wizard, representative of the School of Krakatos and also friend of Lathan. She should also have many Alphatian friends by now.
- Krag is potentially the most interesting character. He may be originally from Minrothad but he has worked both for Minrothad Privateers (who often target Ierendian and Darokinian ships) and for Ierendian pirates (who targets instead Thyatians and Minrothaddans ships). He became a friend of Lathan and even helped the Karameikan navy against Iron Ring pirates in some occasions, but he is probably loyal to no one but his gain. he probably plans to sell useful information to Minrothad and Ierendi, whichever pays more, and has promised both to the Ierendi Tribunal and to Minrothaddan Houses to spy on their behalf.
- Cee Salt, as navigator and cartographer, is definitely present. He is likely to have become friend of Lathan over the years too.
All the above humans should be at least 35 years old in 1,013 AC and at least name level, Cee Salt is 36.
The Vorloi:
- Ludwig Vorloi is a niece of Halia Antonic Vorloi. He is a 22 years old Fighter 3. His father was an admirer of Ludwig Von Hendriks at the time, as the evil ways of the Baron were not widely known. Ludwig does not resent his name, hoping he will become famous for good reasons, erasing the bad rep the name Ludwig now has in Karameikos. He admires Lathan but could have some Thyatian prejudices.
- Sara Vorloi is his cousin, daughter of another brother of Halia Antonic Vorloi. She is a 20 years old Thief 4, officially studying as a diplomat, unofficially a member of the Kingdom of Thieves.
- Maria Vorloi is a sister of Halia, 41 years old and Thief 8. She is a member of the Karameikan diplomatic corp and her niece Sara is her apprentice, while her nephew Ludwig is her bodyguard. She appears as a dignified lady and no one knows she has adventuring experience and does not really need a bodyguard.
- Her husband Marius Andreanus is an official of the navy from a minor Thyatian family, 43 years old and Fighter 7. He knows of the true abilities of his wife.
- Their son Giorgios Andreanus is 15 years old and enthusiastic. Fighter 1, he is training under his father but likes to spend time with Ludwig.
The Torenescu:
- Stephanos Torenescu, cousin of Alexander, 38 years old and Fighter 12, an experienced adventurer and fighter of pirates, former member of the Royal navy. He does not like Andreanus much, but is normally polite with everyone.
- Lydia Linton, 36 years old Thief 13, is vice ambassador of Estella Whitehall in Mirros and wife of Stephanos. She is the main representative of Darokin on board, even if she has lived in Karameikos in the last 12 years.
- Gwen and Kira, twins, 8 years old, daughters of Stephanos and Lydia, are two wild and happy girls beloved by their parents.
- Marina Yarol Torenescu, 28 years old, 2nd daughter of Lord Yarol and Nichola Torenescu, cousin of Stephanos. She has always been an adventurous type, much to the preoccupation of her parents, and is a cleric 8, of the Church of Traladara
- Yuri Miltchev, 26 years old, Fighter 5, is her husband.
- Zogrev Miltchev, their son, 3 years old. His grandfather was dismayed to hear his daughter had joined the expedition, and bringing the child too, but could not dissuade her.
- Wert of Ierendi (from Gaz04), 25 years old Thief 7, representative of the Ierendian Navy, friend of Kuat and Lathan from past adventures, eager to prove his worth to the captain and his superiors in Ierendi.
- Mavii Kelar Elsan, water elf 7, merchant prince 10, a niece of the famous captain and merchant prince Saroso Elsan, of the Egret, (from Gaz09). She is in bad standing with the Minrothad Guilds, having uncovered some shady dealing, but her uncle protected her. She is a friend of Lathan.

I would also put in the crew one of the adventuring groups in Threshold magazine issue #21 and maybe also one from an adventure,
to be continued...