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Thoughts about the pets of The Pioneer

by Robin

For the animals on board I would add the following;
Surpitious Status; Ship's Cat= an Elven Cat Monster Manual 2, page 164
This creature, as a kitten, was attracted to the Scent of Lathan Lancehand as being an Elf, when they refurbished the Pioneer recently. Lathan never had learn of Elven Cats, nor was any other in the neighbourhood acquinted with this magical and intelligent breed of cat. The creature seemed to bring luck in the first days and the superstitious crew enjoyed the beast on board. As being young, it has not used its abilities yet.

Sqig Status;Stowaway= a Lesser Wererat1 PC4-TSR9368-D&D-Mystara-Creature Crucible-Night Howlers page 28-30
ST7(H7) IN9(H9) WI14(H14) DX(H12) CO14(H15) CH8(H9) HD4 Hp, SVF4(H=Medium Commoner level 1), AC7(H9), AV0(H0), ML(7(H8)
a normal rat with lycanthropy able to transform into a short bend human-like form. He took residence on the vessel with his rats
Sqig recently lost a battle in the harbour and needed to flee or perish, He noticed the Pioneeer preparing for departure and secretly boarded with his rats. Sqig in his human form worked as a apothecary, so he could be of some use to the crew
It is possible for Sqig to create more wererats yet thus far he did not have this incentive. He has 3 giant rats(all females which migh later become wererats like Sqig by Sqig if he desires partners) and 12 common brown rats on board see; Monster Manual 2, pages 444 and 447. The common rats might reproduce rapidly into a larger number. The ship will not notice rats when the number is lower than 40, and will suffer some hinder if its higher than 60, or major if it is 80 or more. A giant rat counts as 5 normal rats in this formula. Sqig does only want to survive, and will do anything to enable this for him and his giant rats. If ever subjected to a Greater Wererat he will obey it as best he can.

Paco the Talking Parrot (from Lathan's Gold)Status; Captains Pet. ALN, Omnivore(it will digest normally yet actually does not realy need food as it is a magical creation), Size 15 inch tall, wingspan 40 inch,ST 11, IN 19, WI 22, DX 18, CO 9, CH 13, Language; Thyatian, AC6, AV0, HD 3, hp 30, MV 60'/20'FL 160'/60'high speed flying to Specularum 420'/150'MF 1B, Carrying the Ship's Log or any less than 40cn/4 LBS) THAC0 15, Att 1 beak or claw (1d4 damage), no special attacks, Special ability; Full regenerate, High speed flight on return,Immune to Fire, Lightning, Cold, Acid, weapons of +3 or lower enchantment, MR33%, Save as CL5, ML 8(10 near Lathan, 12 on return flight, Body weight 6.5LBS/65 cn As before this creature talks crackingly like a common parrot and may have some seer powers, as it often reveals miniature pieces of information on a location or day just before it begins. It is trained originally to return to Specularum with the ships log, and might do this anew when the vessel is lost or it is sent away by Lathan. The creature has attuned itself to Lathan yet it knows the basic crew by name.
As originally handed to Lathan years ago (on his Lathan's Gold adventure) by an old seafaring woman. it is still unknown to any this simple bird(and the Ships's log) is near indestructible and even if slain or destroyed will fully regenerate in 1 Turn (the log in 1 Hour). The bird is a magical immortal artifact fully resembling a normal parrot. Why this creature is given to Lathan so early all depends on Who was the Old Woman and what was/is her goal.