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Prepared! a dozen 5E Adventures

by Ripvanwormer

The Impregnable Fortress of Dib: A crude fortress erected by goblins on a roadside near a hilly area, which they use as a base from which to launch raids on travelers. This could be placed almost anywhere outside of civilization.

The Marrow Mines: This is a kobold (and urd) lair; the kobolds are "mining" an ancient skeletal wing buried in the side of a hill, so this should probably be placed in the foothills of the Wyrmsteeth Mountains. The "leviathan" whose wing this was might have been the greatest of the white dragons, defeated by the red dragon Syare in this history.

The Vault of Pallon the Pious: This is set on a rocky island where an infamous pirate constructed a vault for his loot. This could probably be added to the Bay of Kammin off the coast near Landfall, or anywhere else where rocky islands might be found.

The Claret Wellspring: This is set in a desert, which makes it a bit tricky to place in a Norwold campaign, though I would say the desert oasis setting isn't particularly important. It could be set in the northern tundra, for example, or conceivably on an island far off in the sea. It's important that it's far outside of any settlements, however. The Wellspring could be an ancient artifact of the Nithians or Blackmoor, or something that preceded either. It could easily be something created by the Crones of Crystykk before they moved to their current home.

The Room with Five Corners: This adventure involves a street gang in a busy city, and would be perfect for Landfall. The "interdimensional aberration" Xlrieh’oc could be a brain collector or some similar entity connected to the Elder Beings or Nightmare Dimension.

Upon the Icebound Terrace: This takes place in ancient ruins buried in a glacier, so somewhere in the far north or the mountains would be best. The Final Range or other mountains near Landfall would be a reasonable possibility. The ruins are of some ancient civilization who created a machine leading to some icy plane of existence; they could well be Blackmoorian or something from the Kingdom of Alinor. Since a young white dragon emerges from the gate, the gate might lead to one of the planes in the Draconic Cluster or Veydra.

In Its Horrid Wake: This adventure involves gnolls who have desecrated a temple in the name of their demonic patron. They corrupted a holy scythe and reconsecrated it to their Entropic faith. Codex Immortalis lists Fugit, Khoronus, Ninsun, Ralon, and Thanatos as favoring the scythe. I'd probably make it a temple of Khoronus reconsecrated to Ranivorus.

A Bad Night for Betting: Set in Bleak Rock, "a small village at the edge of civilization. The last outpost before a massive mountain range... Trade with a nearby dwarven city has kept Bleak Rock on the map." It could be in the foothills near Stormhaven in Oceansend or in the foothills of the Final Range near Landfall near some other dwarven settlement.

The Burning Crater: "In a remote mountain range, a clan of fire giants prepares for war." Fire giants aren't in short supply in Norwold; they could be near the Arch of Fire or the dungeon of Kwyll, for example. Mount Velkka southwest of Oceansend seems like a good place, or the Peaks of Snorri to the northeast.

Atop the Mountain: This adventure involves a planetar and a host of devils, so it'd be tricky to fit into Mystara's cosmology. The devils could serve an Entropic Immortal, perhaps: Thanatos or any Immortal interested in corruption.

Under Revelers' Feet: The defeat of a band of rebels inspired the local ruler to sponsor an endless feast on a riverboat. I can imagine this happening on the Skeidar River near Oceansend.

The Obsidian Pass: The PCs must defend a faerie grove from the machinations of a sorcerer on a nearby mountain. You could probably use Wazor and Twolakes Vale from CM2 Death's Ride if this takes place prior to Wazor's alliance with Ulslime and Korbundar, which would make Obsidian Pass the same as Highpass from that module. The "fey god" could be Faunus, Eiryndul, Zirchev, Chiron, Ordana, etc.