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Item prices

by Pasi Anias

And while we are on the subject... I do consider it really disturbing the way the money weights in Mystara. Just think about it. A Bar of 500 kg, made of gold, but only worth of a couple of houses, or a small sailing ship. Getting enough of this, I changed it in my games a year ago. In my games the coin now weights 10 grams (not 50 as it did). Also cost's of some everyday products like food is lowered a bit, while good weapons, good armour and such got a raise. (good armour meaning metal armours, especially plate-armour). I believe I now have a more realistic, and at least more to my taste campaign; the gold isn't too heavy to carry around, you can live with a copper or two a day, if you have to (most wouldn't want though, the standard for 1-5 level beginning heroes is more like a gold a day, if they don't own a house themselves), and the armour you inherited from your father is really valuable too (beside sentimental value that is, a good plate costing even 2000 gp, enough to build a house). The armour values of players have gone down though, good armour costing, as it does, but it's only good, considering how bad armour all monsters have. And a Knight still has enough income to get a good armour :)

Weapon (specials, damage) Weight/cost/cost for excellent

Knife (working tool, 1d3) 8/1-3/20-30
Dagger 10/6-12/50-100
Silver Dagger 11/50-100/250-400
Short sword 30/25-50/100-200
Sword 60/50-100/300-800
Bastard-sword 80/60-120/350-900
2 handed sword 100/90-180/600-1200

club (wooden, 1d4) 50/5-10/25-40
Mace (iron) 30/10-20/50-100
Warhammer 50/13-26/60-100
Handaxe 30/4-8/50-100
Battleaxe 60/20-40/80-400

Spear 30/10-20/50-100
Javelin 20/6-12/50-100
Trident 25/15-30/80-160

Lance (normal, 1d10) 150/25-50/100-250
Lance (heavy, 1d12) 180/40-80/200-400
Staff (light, 1d6) 15/4-10/30-60
staff (heavy, 1d8) 25/8-14/50-80

Whip (numbers are per .5 yards) 1,5/2/10
Bola 5/8-16/60-100
Black Jack 5/8-10/50-80

Short Bow 20/50-90/200-400
-arrow -/0.2-0.4/1-2
Longbow 30/80-160/350-600
-arrow -/0.3-0.5/1.5-2.5
Crossbow 50/60-100/250-500
-bolt -/0.3-0.5/1.5-2.5
Heavy Crossbow 80/100-180/450-800
-bolt -/0.3-0.5/2-3
Blowpipe 6/4-6/20-30
-arrow(without poison) -/0.5-1/3-5

All the weapons are made to use, not to be pretty. If one wants an pretty one it will cost extra. 10% will make it prettier, but it may cost anything, depending on order (say, I'd like to inset 7 diamonds of 10000 a piece, here...)

Excellent weapons are better than normal. They also tend to look better than normal. An Excellent weapon is either
A) +1 to hit. That's excellently balanced or sharpened or B) +1 to damage. Barbed, heavier or something. Usually these
weapons also show their deadliness (look at all those spikes..)
Bows don't give +1 damage bonuses, but the arrows do. Instead excellent bows can give either +1 to hit (the arrows can too) or more often longer range, +10. +20 or +30 % depending on the strength bonus needed to shut the bow with the bonus range.

The bonuses are not magical.
There is said to be also weapons of both +1 to hit and damage, but they are even more rare than magical weapons.
Also you van make an normal weapon to be +1 to hit for 1d6 hits if you sharpen it well.

name bonus/weight/prize/spec.

Metal Cap 0/20/15
Chain helmet 0/20/15
Full helmet 1/25/40/-1r

Small shield 1/100/10
Large shield 2/150/20/-1r

Leather -soft 1/100/15/for thieves too
-soft, stuffed 2/150/15/ -"-
-soft, studded 2/200/35/ -"-
-Hard 2/150/40/ -"-
-Hard, studded 3/250/60/-1r,-1d
Scale -weak, flexible 2/200/80
-weak, rigid 3/350/120/-1r,-1d
-hard, flexible 3/300/250
-hard, rigid 4/400/200/-1r,-1d
Chain -weak, f 3/300/200
-weak, r 4/400/300/-1r,-1d
-hard, f 4/350/400
-hard, r 5/450/350/-1r,-1d
Banded -weak, f 4/350/350/-1r,-1d
-weak, r 5/500/500/-2r,-2d
-hard, f 5/450/800/-1r,-1d
-hard, r 6/500/650/-2r,-2d
Plate -weak, thin 5/450/900/-2r,-2d
-weak, thick 6/600/1200/-3r,-3d
-hard, thin 6/500/2000/-2r,-2d
-Hard, thick 7/700/2500/-3r,-3d
-Dwarven 8/1000/5000/-2r,-2d(dwarves),-6r,-6d(humans)
-Jousting 9/900/10000/-4r,-4d

- -*r means the wearer gets a -* neg. bonus to ranged attack to hit rolls
- -*d means the wearer gets a -* neg. bonus to dexterity (lowers the dex bonus to armour value sometimes :)

Hard leather is boiled in oil and moulded for the user.
Weak and hard determine the material used (iron, steel...)
Flexible and rigid are determined by the workmanship.
Thin and thick tell the thickness of the plate.

You can also layer the armours:
You can have a soft leather armour, or a chain under your plate, giving you even more armour value.

for ex. A knight with a full helmet, small shield, a hard and thick plate and a soft leather under it, with dex 12 has an armour value of (9-1-1-7-1) -1. and dex of 12-3=9, and a -4 bonus for ranged weapon to hit rolls.

Buildings & vehicles
I use the list in the blue Book.

travelling fares
I use the list in trail maps


rented room with food (1 month):
-beggars and such 4
-peasant, poor student 8
-middle class 12-15
-rich 30

A room in an inn (1 day, 2 persons, with horses with 2 meals)
-peasant 0,5
-middle class 1
-rich 2

a pipe-full of tobacco 0.01-0.2
a bed in the common room 0,05-0.1
breakfast 0.01-0.2
Dinner 0.03-0.5
a feast 0.5-10 /person

Wine -common 0.03 a glass or 0.2 a bottle (plus .5-1 for the bottle)
-good 0.1-0.3 or 1-3
-excellent 0.2-1. or 3-10
Ale 0.01-0.03 a pint

trail rations
- -normal 2-4 a week
- -iron 8-15 a week

normal clothes
-beggar 0.01-0.1
-peasant 0.1-1
-middle class 1-15
-rich 10-100

Hired Help:

Mundane help:
- -Dagger/sword sharpening 0.01-0.2
- -messenger boy 0.01-1
- -shaving 0.01-0.2
- -haircut 0.1-1
- -bath 0.1-0.5
- -clothes washed 0.03-1
- -foretelling 0.1-5

Professional works:
- -wounds bandaged 0.1-5
- -Horse shoed 0.1-5 a shoe
- -treasured appraised 1-100
- -Letter written 0.1-10
- -Armour tended 0.5-50
- -broken armour repaired 1-25% of the original value

Special Help
- -Wounds tended by a cleric 10-500
- -magical item identified 10-500
-with commands told etc 100-1000
- -Foretelling 10-100