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3E Quick And Dirty Conversion

by Håvard

Here's a quick setup of how I might run a Mystara 3e game:

All races/classes as per the 3.5 PHB with the following exceptions:

Half-Elves: Half-Elves are creatures of mixed elf and human blood. Most resemble either their human or elf parent with only a few traits from the other parent. These Half-Elves are not considered True Half-Elves, a mythological race on Mystara. DM's option: Some DMs prefer to disallow Half-Elves.

Dwarf Wizards/Sorcerers: Dwarven Wizards/Sorcerers are viewed as abominations in most dwarven communities and become outcasts. Moulder Dwarves may be Arcane casters without any problems, but they are all considered outcasts by the general dwarf population. DM's option: Some DMs prefer to disallow Dwarf Wizards/Sorcerers altogether.

Halfling Druids/Clerics: Halfling Druids are called Hin Masters and follow the ways of the High Heroes. Halfling Clerics are rare.

Sorceror: Sorcerers and wizards are usually considered the same group in Mystara. In Glantri and Alphatia Sorcerers and Wizards enjoy a great status. In Rockhome they are less popular. The Hakomons of Ethengar and the Wise Women of the Northern Reaches are Sorcerers.

Half-Orcs: Half-Orcs are common in Mystara. Many live in Darokin where they are used as manual labour. The Broken Lands is also a home for many of these creatures. In many countries Half-Orcs are treated as Outcasts, but in the Northern Reaches, they are respected for their strength and referred to as Trollblooded.

Monk: Monks of Mystara are called Mystics. Mystic orders are found anywhere, but most have their origin in Sind, Ochalea or the Glantrian Alps.

How about this:

Druids: Elven Druids of the highest level are referred to as Treekeepers. There can only be one Treekeeper per clan (though there is no cap on advancement for other elves). In the Five Shires and Leeha, Halfling Druids are called Hin Masters. In Ylaruam, a special kind of Desert Druid exist. These are called Dervishes.

Bards: Bards are found among most Mystaran societies. In Darokin, many bards make a living as Merchants. In the Northern Reaches, Bards are known as Skalds and are held in reverence. In the Five Shires, Storytelling is a favourite past-time and Hin Bards are often encountered in front of the fire place with audiences gathering around to hear tales of great adventures.

Rangers: Ranger is a popular class among Elves. In Karameikos and Thyatis, the Vyalia elves train human rangers who are known as Foresters who act as protectors of the land.

Sorcerers: Unlike Wizards, Sorcerers have magic in their blood. They do not need training, as magic comes to them naturally. Like Wizards, Sorcerers enjoy a great status in Glantri and Alphatia, while they are less popular in Rockhome. The Hakomons of Ethengar and the Wise Women of the Northern Reaches are Sorcerers.

Wizards: Wizards are considered among the ruling classes in Glantri and Alphatia. They are less frequent in Karameikos and distrusted in the Northern Reaches (until they prove their worth). Wizards are often disliked in Rockhome because of how Dwarves are treated in Glantri. Ylaruam also has many famous wizards. This is surprising to many because of the Alaysiyani's dislike of the Godless Glantrians and the status of Clerics in Ylaruam.

Spirit Shaman (Complete Divine Class): Shamans are common figures in Atruaghin and Ethengar. If Complete Divine is not available, these should be considered Druids.