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4E Quick And Dirty Conversion

by Håvard

Here's a quick setup of how I might run a Mystara 4e game:

Tieflings: Tieflings on Mystara are called Diaboli and hail from the Dimension of Nightmares, home to Brain Collectors, Beholders, Abelaats and other twisted creatures. They have recently set up a kingdom on Norwold and are allied with King Ericall.

Dragonborn: Dragonborn are a race of lizardmen from the Wyrmsteeth Mountains. They dislike what they view as Alphatian influence on Norwold over the centuries and view the Tiefling alliance with King Ericall as evidence that Tieflings also are not to be trusted.

Eladrin: Eladrin on Mystara are called Sidhe. They live among all the surface dwelling elven clans of Mystara where they are considered to have noble blood. The Eladrin often bear a special hatred towards Shadowelves for abandoning the Sylvan way of life. Some are a little suspicious about the cosmopolitan ways of the Alhambra elves of Glantri.

Half-Elves: Half-Elves are creatures of mixed elf and human blood. Most resemble either their human or elf parent with only a few traits from the other parent. These Half-Elves are not considered True Half-Elves, a mythological race on Mystara.

The above is a lazy-man's conversions. The ideas are mainly based on previous discussions here. My apologies for not remembering who came up with which idea.