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Radu's Emporium

by Sean Meaney

Armour, crate of Armour wt. = 80lb ost As armour 100lb
Arrowhead For use when manufacturing arrows in wild 1sp 1cn
Backpack, Explorers Capacity 800cn (80lb) 10gp 30cn
Backpack, Standard Capacity 400cn (40lb) 5gp 20cn
Backpack, Waterproof Capacity 300cn (30lb) 30gp 60cn
Bandages Prevents further blood loss, enough for one individual’s wounds from one combat 1sp 1cn
Bedroll Heavy blanket and small pillow 1gp 50cn
Beer/Ale, firkin of 9 gallon Firkin 100gp 80lb
Belt 2sp 5cn
Block and Tackle Effectively reduces the weight of hauled object to 25% normal, but requires 4 times the length of rope. 5gp 100cn
Boots, Plain 1gp 10cn
Boots, Riding/Swash-top 5gp 15cn
Bowstrings Qty 10. 1gp 1cn
Bull 10gp/week 100gp 1500lb
Candle Burns 1 hour; light 10’ radius 1sp 1cn
Chisel For chipping away stone 2gp 10cn
Climbing Hook, hand held Supports up to 250lb 5gp 40cn
Cloak, Long 1gp 15cn
Cloak, Short 5gp 10cn
Cloth, Roll of Linen, cotton, wool cloth 10gp 40lb
Clothes, Extravagant Tunic & Pants; blouse & skirt; Robe; etc. 50gp+ 30cn
Clothes, Fine See Above 20gp 20cn
Clothes, Normal See above 5gp 20cn
Cow 5gp/week 25gp 1000lb
Disguise Kit Includes wigs, hair dye, makeup 20gp 50cn
Drill, Hand For drilling through wood or metal 10gp 30cn
Dye/Pigment, jar of Ceramic jar 50gp 50lb
Elephant 20lb/week 1500gp 4.46 tons
Figs, 3sp 1 lb
Fine Porcelain, crate of 500gp 50lb
Garlic Used against Vampires 5sp 1cn
Gems, box of 3000gp 5lb
Glassware, crate of 30lb of glass 50gp 50lb
Gloves, Heavy Prevents rope burn, assures better grip on slippery items, protects against contact poisons and things that harm exposed skin (e.g. needle traps); impossible to pick pockets or remove traps when wearing these. 5sp 10cn
Gloves, Soft Protects against contact poisons and things that harm exposed skin (e.g. needle traps) 1gp 5cn
Goat/hound 1gp/week 5gp 50lb
Grain/Vegetables, Bag of 125sp 40lb
Grappling Hook Hold up to 500lb 25gp 80cn
Hammer, Utility Does 1d3 damage as weapon 2gp 10cn
Hat 2sp 3cn
Hides/Furs, bundle of 15gp 40lb
Holy Symbol At DM’s discretion needed to turn un-dead 25gp 1cn
Holy Symbol, Inexpensive -3 turn un-dead penalty 5gp 1cn
Holy Water Breakable glass vial 25gp 1cn
Horse 10gp/week 100gp 1500lb
Ink, Full Glass Vial Enough to write fifty pages of simple text 1gp 20cn
Iron Spike One spike needed for each 5’ of a sheer surface being climbed by a thief or a mountaineer 1sp 5cn
Ivory, Tusk of 800gp 100lb
Journal, Blank Fifty 6” x 9” pages 20gp 30cn
Knapsack Capacity 250cn (25lb) 3 gp 10cn
Knife, Utility Does 1d3 damage as weapon 1gp 5cn
Lantern Burns 4 hours, light 30’ radius 10gp 30cn
Lantern, Bullseye Burns 4 hours, light 100’ cone, 20’ base 20gp 30cn
Lasso, Leather 5gp 30cn
Leather, Bulk 1 square foot for misc. purposes. 1sp 5cn
Lock Picks Optional portion of thieves tools – does not permit trap removal 15gp 5cn
Magnifying Glass For studying fine details and fire-starting 3gp 5cn
Map, Detailed Highly detailed map of explored territory 30gp 10cn
Map, Explorers Speculative Map of Unexplored Territory 50gp 10cn
Map, General General trail map of explored territory 10gp 10cn
Meat 3sp ½ lb
Metal, Common, ingot of 1gp 5lb
Metal, Precious, Ingot of 300gp 20lb
Mirror, hand Made of steel 5gp 5cn
Monster * Cost: 100gp x HD x 10 x #Bonuses special* As Critter
Musical instrument, stringed Lute, Mandolin 20gp 100cn
Musical Instrument, Wind Flute, Recorder 5gp 30cn
Nuts 1gp 1 lb
Oil, Ceramic Flask Does 2d6, covers 10’ square, burns 3 rounds 2sp 10cn
Oil, Jar of Ceramic jar 20gp 60lb
Oil, metal flask Prevents accidental breakage, cannot be used as missile 1gp 20cn
Papyrus One 12” x 12” leaf 1sp 1cn
Parchment One 10” x 10” leaf 1gp 5cn
Parka For warmth in cold climates 5gp 40cn
Pick Axe 1d10 damage; - 2 to hit 20gp 200cn
Pig 2gp/week 10gp 100lb
Pot, Cooking Capacity 2 Quart 5gp 40cn
Pottery, crate Empty crate = 20lb; pottery wt. = total – 20lb 100gp 50lb
Pouch, Belt Capacity 50cn (5lb) 5sp 2cn
Precious Wood 1400gp 1 Ton
Preserved Meat, firkin of 20gp 80lb
Quill Pen For writing 5sp 1cn
Quiver, Back Hold 50 arrows, prevents wearing of Pack or knapsack 5gp 20cn
Quiver, Belt Holds 10 crossbow quarrels 1gp 3cn
Quiver, plain Holds 20 arrows 1gp 5cn
Rabbit/Hen Fodder cost = +2sp/week 25cp 5lb
Raisins 2sp 1 lb
Rare Books, Box of 1000gp 30lb
Rare Furs, bundle of 500gp 50lb
Rations, Iron Weeks supply, says fresh 2 months 15gp 70cn
Rations, Standard Weeks supply, stays fresh 7 days 5gp 200cn
Rice 2sp 1 lb
Rope, 50 foot length Supports 750lb; for each 10lb above this 5% cumulative chance of failure 1gp 50cn
Sack, Large Capacity 600cn (60lb) 2gp 5cn
Sack, Small Capacity 200cn (20lb) 1gp 1cn
Salt 1lb; For preserving of meat and monster parts. 1lb salt/5lb meat 10gp 10cn
Salt 1sp 1 lb
Salt, firkin of 9 gallon firkin 2,666cp 200lb
Salted Fish, Firkin of 15gp 80lb
Scroll Case, Waterproof Holds 1 map, 1 scroll, or 10 leaves of parchment 5gp 20cn
Semiprecious Stones, Box of 200gp 10lb
Sewing Kit Repair of cloth and Leather 5gp 8cn
Shoes 5sp 8cn
Shovel 10gp 180cn
Silk, Roll of 200gp 40lb
Soap 5sp 1 lb
Spell-book Cover Waterproof 1sp 1cn
Spell-book, Blank 24” x 24” x 6”; Holds 24 spells 100gp 200cn
Spice, Exotic (saffron, clove) 15gp 1 lb
Spice, Rare (pepper, ginger) 2gp 1 lb
Spice, Uncommon (cinnamon) 1gp 1 lb
Spices, Jar of 800gp 60lb
Stake, wooden 1sp 1cn
Sugar, Coarse, 1gp 1 lb
Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, bag of 75gp 50lb
Tent, 2-man 6’ x 4’ x 4’, watertight 20gp 200cn
Tent, 4-man 6’ x 6’ x 5’, watertight 25gp 500cn
Textiles, Bag of Textile (Rope, Hessian, wool fibre) 25gp 50lb
Thieves Tools Needed for picking locks, removing traps 25gp 10cn
Tinderbox 3gp 5cn
Torch Burns 1 hour, light 30’ radius 2sp 20cn
Twine 100’ ball, supports 30lb +10lb@10% cumulative fail 2sp 10cn
Vial, Glass Capacity 1 Pint (20cn full) 1gp 10cn
Warhorse 15gp/week 500gp 2000lb
Water/Wineskin Capacity 1 Quart (30cn full) 1gp 5cn
Wax For Making Impressions 3sp 10cn
Weapons/Tools, crate of 100lb - 20lb = 80lb of weapons or tools Cost of tools/ weapons 100lb
Whistle Signalling and bird calls 1sp 5cn
Wine/Spirits, firkin of 9 gallon firkin 200gp 80lb
Wolfsbane To ward off lycanthropes 10gp 1cn
Wood, Common Firewood/timber 140gp 1 Ton