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by Jon Cole

I've just finished running Rahasia - which I set "on the way to Selenica" as implied in B1-9

Anyhow here's how I inserted it into the background (an expansion/plagiarism of text in the module.) Historically I put Elyas' fight with the witches (a covey of powerful hags) at around the same time as the fall of Nithia:-

Ular-Taman also tells the PCs the following story.

"Many generations ago, when the land of the vale was still rolling plains, a wizard named Elyas visited the elven peoples. He asked for a place to live, where he could work in peace and solitude. Because his heart was true and he respected the elves and their customs, the elven King Mealiden gave him a place at the edge of the lands that they had claimed, and he built a tremendous tower. For many years they helped him and he protected and taught them, for his magic and learning was vast. The elves' friendship with Elyas was passed across the generations and clans until even Elyas grew old. Then disaster struck. Three horrible witches attacked his tower. They sought a magical gem that Elyas had discovered in his travels for some purpose of their own.
None of the witches dared face Elyas alone, but together they were very powerful. In a fiery battle they called down a grey mountain to crush Elyas. As the mountain slammed down onto his tower Elyas drew the witches inside it, where he trapped them. All then perished in the cataclysm.
In his memory, King Mealiden ordered the construction of a shrine to his memory on that mountain. Many years later, dwarves were sent by the King of Rockhome to the assistance of King Alevar of the Elves to cement a friendship between their two kingdoms, and King Alevar sent them to the Grey Mountain to erect a great Temple to Ilsundal in the honour of King Mealiden.
The Temple became a place of quiet meditation and learning, and elven scholars would spend a period here studying among the Siswa. Now this mountain is known as the Grey Mountain, and a force of evil has entered the sacred sanctuaries. I guard the way to Elyas' tower, but I feel in the earth that the Rahib has found another entrance."