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Raw Recruits campaign

by Kilr Kowalski Here is a link to the adventure log

I am going to be running an initally Karameikos based campaign looking to groom the PCs as spies for Olivia Karameikos, with a little bit of the standard arc thrown in.

After B1 and an expanded B2, I hope to (with level appropriate adiustments) follow Giulio Frandi's Prisoners!! adventure path.

This will take them through B11, B12, B10 down to Rugalov and U1 (+/- U2) and off for DDA1 etc.

I'm still mucking around preparations for B2- I'll let you know more when I finish it, but I have adjusted L1 The secret of Bone Hill to fit as Rugalov.

Apart from changing the name of the Baron to Lord Vlad Lutescu, his families' names, the deities and names of the abbey and the proliferation of Druids, I will be leaving the text as is - allowing the party to stay as "open world" as possible.

I adjusted the maps to fit Rugalov's position and to account for the ability to fit into U1 and U2, have a look below.

This was my initial working map from U2 until I decided to work in L1
This is the regional map from L1
and this is my composite, and with some name changes from Sturm's 3.2mph map

Finally this is Restenford redone as Rugalov

The benefit of plonking restenford in as Rugalov is that most of the populating is done. I'm not so worried about the adventure part of L1 but certainly that will be available.

To flesh it out I will assign the remaining NPCs their names. I have been using a variant of this name generator, adding in names from the K:KOA and player's companion, and some from Dawn of the emperors.

My players tend to take a plot far beyond the intended so I will give them freedom to interact and go off-piste as much as they want there so that I can railroad plot to get there and later to make them leave. They are going to feel much more cheated about being slaves if they have something to lose first.

We have 3 regular PCs and occasionally some add ins (my nephew turns up occasionally).

We started a few months ago, north of Kelvin and the journey has mostly been travel up river and group dynamics until the group reached Veseya, and started Horror on the Hill from that town.

Initially only half of the group was going to the monastery but they keep filching fighters from the other half of the group.

If the characters end up being brave enough, they will head underground there this session coming.

If all goes to plan they should be in Castellan keep in a few sessions.

One of the characters has been offered in marriage to Duke Steven of Rhoona and X3, perhaps an altered X13 could lead them north to potentially go to wendar/denagoth for X11

so many options.

Additionally I have some more work on my expanded keep "roster" for Castellan Keep to show you later.

So my campaign is continuing, with the party "clearing" Leptar's Fist (monastery on the hill).

They confronted the Hobgoblin King (Horrack Elfslayer from Agothokoles' Karameikan Companion), and after dispatching Horrack made a deal with an envoy of the Steelwarriors, Vintar Swiftblade.

Vintar was armoured in adamantium armour and he was confronted by the dwarf Dargar. In return for his life (and so that he could slip away to alert his king) Vintar revealed that the Steelwarriors had been making fine quality steel weapons for 400 years. The party also found out that his tribe have access to an adamantium mine and forged that armour, and received hints that the Steelwarriors have access to Nithian knowledge. (After having discovered the old nithian mine and interpreting some heiroglyphics. The Steelwarriors write in heiroglyphs now.)

It became apparent with the stockpiled armaments in the monastery and the envoy from the steelwarriors that the humanoids were beginning to co-ordinate with each other.

Unfortunately, when they let Vintar leave ahead of them, he died falling down the pit-chute to the second level.

Returning the adventurers split from their co-adventuring group, with half about to head up to Castellan Keep to invade the caves of chaos and disrupt further war plans.

I'm hoping to head them up into the Yebedeska Gap to start a guerilla war against the Steelwarriors and Jagged Rocks, and later to perhaps head "Against the Giants".

Their NPC sister-party will head into the Mountains East of Veseya, and take on the Vlackkag tribe. They are spurred on by avarice due to rumour's of King Vlack's two handed scimitar the Sword of Gygar and a presumption of more treasure and fame.

I was interested in expanding team B's ("Chad's Campions") sideline adventure, but I didn't have a suitable adventure so I am considering writing one.

As such I have made a few maps, and have some ideas but I am interested in what everyone has to say. Here are links to the maps.

Veseya Map

Castellan River Valley

Terrain map

(Hob)Goblin patrol areas

Yet again the tribe structure is the same as the Karameikan companion. More details to come