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OD&D-style race/class combination

by Roger LV Girtman II

Here's my take on this, for BECMI/RC games:

HD: as class or d6 for multi-class, +2 HP/Level after 9th (or as class, if single)
Exception: If both classes of a multi-class conbination have the same HD type, (Thf & MU both use d4) then use that HD type instead.
SAVES: as class or best of two classes
Clarification: Each save category is determined independantly of the other categories--best number, not best chart.
ATTACK ROLLS: As best class
EXP: Add required XP/level together/both classes level together
Example: Elf Ftr/Wiz begins at 1st level with 0 XP
In order to reach 2nd level, the character much reach 4500xp (2000+2500); to reach 3rd he needs 9000xp (4000+5000).

LEVEL LIMIT: No limit if single-classed; if multi-classed, one class of player's choice tops out at Name-level, EXP Req'd/Level is still added even after reaching max.
LANGUAGES: Common, (Alignment, if used), and racial are free. Any additional languages listed can be spoken for free--read/writing these require an appropriately high INT modifier.
Example: An Elf with 15 INT (+1) can speak, read, and write Common, Elven, and Gnollish. He can speak, but not read/write Hobgoblin and Orc because he isn't smart enough.

Min Score: INT 9
Available combinations:
Any single or multi-class
Racial Abilities:
Infravision, 60'
Immune to Magical Sleep
Immune to Ghoul Paralysis

Common, (Alignment), Elfin, Gnollish, Hobgoblin, Orcish

Min Score: CON 9
Available combinations:
Any except MU or Mys
Racial Abilities:
Infravision, 60'
Stone-cunning (as per BECMI/RC Dwarf class)
+1 additional HP/Level after reaching name leve

Common, (Alignment), Dwarven, Gnomish, Goblin, Kobold

Min Score: DEX 9
Available combinations:
Any (no more than 1 caster class)+ Drd, Pal/Avg
Racial Abilities:
Halfling Hiding abilities as per BECMI/RC Halfling class
+1 Missile Attacks
-1AC vs Large creatures
+1 Luck modifier to all saves
Size restriction--cannot use large weapons, regardless of class; normal-sized weapons are treated as large.
If classes includes "Hide-in-Shadows" skill, use skill or halfling hide ability, whichever is greater

Common, (Alignment), (Halfling/Lalor)

Fairly simple system, I think. Each of the races follow the same set of rules, so no one race gets a benefit over another... the big trade-off is XP--using this method, most class combinations would be slower than is presented in the standard race-classes; but, since they'll effectively be going up two levels each time, it balances out amongst single-class characters in every respect except HP (which is itself balanced by the "best of two" saves and attack rolls). The only thing "new" is the luck modifier for Halflings--this is to counter the weapon-size restriction, which, depending on the classes chosen, is likely even more restrictive than the standard BECMI/RC weapon choices.