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Rafiel's Home Plane

by John Calvin

Reidyll - The Chamber of the Planes
Objective directional gravity - normal along sphere paths.
Normal time.
Finite size - holds 1024 Chambers along its spherical inner shell.
Divinely morphic.
No elemental or energy traits.
Strongly neutral aligned.
Limited magic.

Reidyll floats through the Astral, although there are no permanent portals to that plane. Permanent portals do exist to the Material, Inner, and several of the Outer planes, although each portal is guarded by a contingent of Rafiel's followers.

The plane is shaped like a hollow sphere. There are 1024 divots in the shell, each one a potential housing for a Chamber. Most of the hubs are empty, but several dozen contain translucent spheres, each in varying degrees of construction. In the center of the spherical plane is a radiant globe that is actually a separate layer of Reidyll.


A dynamic portal to the Astral exists, but is rarely opened. Each of the chambers lining the inner wall of the Reidyll is also a potential portal to the associated plane.


The immortal Rafiel makes his home here. All other creatures that live here serve him in some shape or fashion. Most of these servitors come to this plane through one of the Chambers, so just about any race can be represented.


There are not many petitioners in this plane.

Movement and Combat:

Energy pathways provide movement from the center sphere to each of the Chambers along the inner shell.


The Shell:

The outer layer of the plane is essentially a great hub for the dimensional Chambers being built across the multiverse. Chambers are coexistent with Reidyll and their plane of construction. [Some example Chambers follow:]

Chamber of the Spheres:

This Chamber is built on the material plane (on Mystara) in the lands of the Shadow Elves. The Chamber of the Spheres is the most complete Chamber in the shell. The Material Plane construction is very close to completion.

Chamber of Brass:

This Chamber is being built by the efreet as an extension of the City of Brass.

Well of Souls:

This Chamber is nearing completion on some dark outer plane. The creators are evil creatures who are building the Chamber for their own personal power gain. Their creation is made from the twisted husks of creatures they have captured and tortured.

Spring of Eternity:

This Chamber is being constructed on the elemental plane of water. The power of the Chamber comes from ice like filaments that are mined out of some of the colder regions within the plane. These filaments are said to have been created on a battle site where creatures of Fire tried to invade the plane.

Smouldering Chambers:

A dozen or so Chambers lie smouldering. These are failed attempts by Rafiel's followers to establish a stronghold. When the time is right, Rafiel will re-instigate those failed programs.

The Orb:

The inner layer of the plane serves several functions. The most important function is to siphon excess power from each of the Chambers that it is connected to. This power drain is what stabilises each of the Chambers and prevents the possibility of another Great Rain of Fire from occurring. [Note: This is one of the safeguards that Rafiel has put in place. If the denizens of any chamber cease to obey and worship him, he may stop the stabilising power drain to that chamber. This would eventually cause a great explosion (and the destruction of the offenders) and would allow Rafiel to wipe the slate clean and start again at some later date.]

The outer boundary of the orb is a blaze of energy. Once the outer boundary is crossed however, a more hospitable environment is entered. Different sections of the orb are tailor made to fit the needs of Rafiel's servants. For example, the Shadow Elf's cave is constructed like an enormous underground cavern. In the center of the orb is the control center. This is where Rafiel makes his home. From here he can observe each of the Chambers and can create force pathways from each one to the orb. Since the Chambers are coexistent, the immortal can not prevent others from opening portals to and from them, but once inside of Reidyll travellers may be stranded in a hostile environment until the immortal or his servants choose to deal with them.

Campaign Ideas:

Mortal Campaign:

Servants and worshippers of Rafiel may be allowed to use Reidyll as a sort of planar conduit since it is coterminous with a variety of other planes. The immortal may send his followers to other Chambers in order to solve problems or provide the local inhabitants with assistance.

Those who oppose Rafiel might be charged with discovering the secrets of the Chambers and what their purpose is. Some might even undertake plans to disrupt Rafiel's greater schemes, but they will be greatly pressed to do so.

Immortal Campaign:

The Chamber of Planes is being constructed by Rafiel as a great planar machine. Each operational Chamber allows the immortal to draw off a portion of that plane's magical energies and convert them for his own uses. There could be several possible goals that Rafiel is striving for. Immortal campaigns might center around either helping or hindering Rafiel with his plans. New sites for Chambers and followers to build them will have to be found (or destroyed).

Rafiel plans to use the energy to create another elemental sphere (of Radiance) to which immortals such as himself will swear allegiance (thus breaking away from the Sphere of Fire). A side effect of his product is that more Radiance immortals are generated, and many of them will reside in his home plane to help with his research.

Rafiel intends to use the power generated by the Chamber of the Planes to become an Old One.