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Sapphire of Protius

by Greg Pratt

has anyone developed any of these time travelling artifacts that are supposed to be floating around all over? With the exception of the Blackmoor Comeback Inn/ Inn Between Worlds, which almost certainly had Immortals of Time involved in its construction (perhaps Verthandi, or Khronous predecessor), I don't recall any time travelling device actually detailed in published material. Several are mentioned- but don't receive much specific attention

Since WotI doesn't include a time travel power for artifacts, I made one up, arbitrarily assigning it 150 PP for a cost.

And with that I created an artifact with this power, which the party I DM promptly discovered. And of course it activated, dumping them back about 40 years or so. And since they were in Thyatis at the time it placed them right in the middle of the Alphatian Spike Assault...

But here is what I threw together for the artifact:

The Sapphire of Protius

Sphere of Time
Lesser Artifact: 215 PP

Vessel: A Fist sized sapphire which seems to shimmer like flowing water. If held to the ear, the sound of the sea can be heard emanating from it.

Monetary Value: 50,000 gp

Powers: Time Travel (150PP), Extinguishing (30PP), Water Breathing (15PP), Light (15PP)

Handicaps & Penalties: There is only one of these, but its a doozey. The time travel power is uncontrollable. The power will activate spontaneously creating a blue-green flash which sends the character holding it & all nearby to a random time period.

Activating Other Powers:

Extinguishing: This is automatically activated by touching the sapphire to flames.
Water Breathing: Activates automatically if the holder is completely immersed in water.
Light: Automatically activates if there is total darkness.