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Song of Halav

by Jeff Daly

I just dug this up from an old adventure. It is related to the campaign I ran that took a group (called themselves "Halav's Avengers") from the Caves of Chaos to the Palace of the Silver Princess to The temple of Elemental Evil and eventually through many twists and turns back in time to meet Halav himself.

Enjoy it, destroy it...

The Song of Halav consists of several parts: 1)the prologue 2) the gifts of the immortals 3)the binding of Arik 4) the final battle and 5) the ultimate reward. During the Winter ceremonies the Traldar will gather in family groups and sing the Song of Halav as one of their most sacred beliefs


A full thousand years before the crowning of the first Thyatian emperor In the time of the Alphatian landfall when the world was young Men were left to their own devices by the gods who retreated To their secret valley.


To Halav Redhair, he the great to be king They gave the secret of the forge and all weapon making. To Petra, she all sacred things believing Granted they the gift of warmth from the treasures of weaving. To Zirchev, huntsman bold all forest way knowing To him was given of old the knowledge of magic for his going.


In this part of the tale Petra and Zirchev bind Arik to a secret place to prevent him from harrying mankind. Halav had to rouse a rebellious king for the upcoming battle with the beastmen. Mention is made of "The vengeance of Halav".


The companions, reunited made ready for war with the beastmen. They gathered their armies and met the foe at some unknown location. But the overall battle quickly gave way to the spectacle of Halav and the beastman leader doing single combat among the armies. For three days the battle raged with neither giving quarter. Each combatant is described in great detail. Halav's armour and weapon sparkled with the sun and his muscles bulged with the exertion. The beastman leader was 8' tall and fully animalistic. Finally the beastman falls and the evil army slinks away in shame. After seeing them to the horizon Halav too falls.


It is said that the immortals then spirited Halav, Petra, and Zirchev away to sit beside them as immortals.