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Sigismud's Ferry

by Sean Meaney

Adventure idea designed to allow PCs to venture across the planes to other D&D worlds.

Sigismud poled the wooden vessel out of the mist toward the tow; the distant illumination of lantern light gave it an appealing quality; almost festive.
People seemed to move along the bank that was his destination, some moving toward the light from outlying homes, others staggering home early. A fisherman settled in for pole fishing on a dock seemed a likely prospect for conversation. Sigismud roused his passengers.
“We have arrived somewhere.” The slumbering travellers stirred from their sleep while Sigismud returned his attention to the fisherman on the dock.
“Ho Fisherman! What town is that?” People always felt better about answering questions if you called their village a town.
“That...” the fisherman indicated the distant lights.
” the town of Threshold.” The fisherman thought he was entertaining a fool. Sigismud the Magus smiled.
Haron the flitch sat up and rubbed his eyes.
“It’s no City of Greyhawk...but it should do.” Haron tossed his simple pack to the dock and leaped after it. The ferryboat made contact opposite side of the dock.
“Says you...” The fisherman watched as a child stood up in the wooden boat. Gedrin the Kender pushed a small pack onto the dock and climbed after it.
“I still can’t believe that you forced me to surrender the takings...” Gedrin shook his head, turned, and handed the ferryman a fist sized diamond.
“...payment to the ferryman.” The fisherman choked at the size of the ferryman’s fee as the two travellers headed for the lights. The ferryman turned to look at the astonished fisherman.
“I don’t suppose you have ever heard of the Empire of Alphatia?” The fisherman seemed confused by the question.
“Is it somewhere near the Empire of Thyatis?” Sigismud smiled and nodded. He was home after all these years.

DM BRIEFING: Sigismud's ferry is an enchanted vessel (Hull enchantment: 1x Woodform, 1x Gate; 42000gp) designed for gate travel. It's Ferryman is a 36th level Magicuser by way of Alphatia (Mystara) who ferries travellers between the various D&D Worlds for a monstrous fee paid in Diamond.