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[B/X] B2 Solitaire Play - No DM

by Shesheyan

Amidiel the elf (level 3) and his companion Rolbert the cleric (level 3) have reached the Caves of chaos.

[Since this is a solo game I didn't want to run 4+ characters. I decided to give each character two attacks actions per round. I also double their HPs. I'm also giving bonus daily spells for high Wis and Int.]

- Str 17, Int 15, Wis 10, Dex 13, Con 13, Cha 10.
- AC 4 (Chainmail + shield)
- Long sword
- Dagger
- Bow
- Spells : Magic Missile, Sleep, Web

- Str 15, Int 10, Wis 17, Dex 13, Con 13, Cha 10.
- AC 3 (chainmail + shield)
- Mace
- Crossbow
- Spells : Cure Light Wounds x4

As they enter cavern A complex they avoid the trap but are ambushed from the back by 4 kobolds and 3 kobolds in the front, at the end of the tunnel. Seven spears are thrown but the armor of the heroes is too solid.

The heroes rush the kobolds in from of them killing two but the third escapes screaming at the top of his lungs...

The 4 kobold at the back rush the heroes. They inflict 4 points of damage. Aimidiel shoots an arrow and kills the fleeing kobold. Too late the harm is done. The other kobolds are alerted. The heroes kill two kobolds in melee.

6 kobolds arrive from the West and throw their spears and all fail miserably. Amidiel and Rolbert kill the two kobolds next to them.

Three kobolds die. The other three inflict 3 points of damage on Amidiel.

The three remaining kobolds die without causing any damage to the heroes.

Rats!!! the heroes kill the rats but after the combat they now have each lost a total of 15 and 14 hps since entering the caves.

They decide to back track and go down the East tunnel. At the end they find a large room with 17 kobolds waiting for them with spears held high in defiance!

The heroes loose many hit points because of the ferocious attacks of the kobolds. Amidiel casts a Sleep spell. Rolbert shoots two arrows. The fight goes on for several rounds.

After killing the last kobold Amidiel is now down to 14 hps on 34. Rolbert is down to 12 hps on 34. The kobold chieftain and 5 kobolds erupt in the North passage. They advance and throw their spears. None hit.

Rolblert casts two Cure Light Wounds on the heroes before the kobolds rush them. The newly gained HPs are immediately lost. The Chieftain is killed by Amidiel with critical blows (2x 20 !!!). After the fight the heroes are down to 12 (Amidiel) and 10 (Rolbert). The cleric casts his two last Cure Light Wounds.

The heroes forge ahead. They reach area #4. It is guarded by 3 kobolds behind cover. The kobolds die pierced by arrows and quarrels... but inflict a few points of damage.

Amidiel and Rolbert enter the empty chieftain room (area #5).

The heroes reach the exit of the caves with the loot. Amidiel is at 9 hps. Rolbert is at 10hps. They change their mind and decide to camp inside the cave for the night. They want to regain some hit points before returning to the Keep.

Well that was fun. The large kobold attack (17 spears) was really deadly. Power of numbers provided many hits. Using B/W was a good idea. I don't feel tired after playing for 2.5 hours. With the 5e action economy (action, bonus action, reaction, etc) I felt drained and kept forgetting to use some of them.