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Equipment Weights and Weapon Damage for Wee Folk:

by Geoff Gander

This document provides basic information on the most common forms of weapons and armour available in the D&DTM game for undersized beings, specifically those that are less than three feet tall (namely, the Wee Folk, as described in PC1 - Tall Tales of the Wee Folk). This list would be appropriate for determining equipment weights for such creatures as Pixies, Sprites, Wood Imps, Leprechauns, and so on.


Item Weight (cn)
Shield 20
Leather armour 40
Scale mail 60
Chain mail 80
Banded mail 90
Plate mail 100


Item Weight (cn) Damage
Axe, battle 20 1d6
Axe, hand 10 1d4+1
Blackjack 5 1d2
Bow, long 15 1d4
Bow, short 10 1d4
Dagger 5 1d2
Lance 25 2d4
Spear 6 1d4+1
Staff 8 1d4
Sword, bastard 10 1d6+1
Sword, normal 12 1d6
Sword, short 6 1d4+1
Sword, two-handed 20 2d4
Trident 6 1d4+1