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Saving Throws variant

by Antonio Eleuteri

Very nice! The only thing I do not like particularly are the class bonuses. Why a MU would get +2 to Str-based saves, and and a Thief does not get a +2 to Dex-based saves? I know you derived them from the ST tables, but according to your systematisation these do not make much sense.

The model I was toying with, is to use the ability score modifiers in B10/Master set, and from those derive the three 3e/4e defence scores (if for no other reason than importing critters from 3e/4e):

Fort: Str or Con - paralysis, turn to stone, poison
Ref: Dex - wands, dragon breath
Will: Int or Wis or Cha - spells, death ray (energy drain?)

The defense would be 10+half class level (round up)+ability modifier+class-specific bonus

The class bonus would be:
Magic-users, Cleric: +2 Will
Fighters: +2 Fort
Thieves: +2 Ref

The races (still not sure if I want to handle them as separate from classes):
Halflings: +2 Ref, +2 Fort
Dwarves: +2 Fort
Elves: +2 Will

For monsters, I would use the type and class levels reported, at half hit dice. For those which already receive saves at half the HD, I would use it only for Will saves (usually these are less intelligent creatures). Size would modify Ref saves (-2 for L, +2 for S)
For example:
Hill Giant (8HD, Save F8, L)
Fort: 10+4+2=16
Will: 10+4=14
Ref: 10+4-2=12
AC: 19-4=15

Beholder (11HD, Save MU11, M)
Fort: 10+6=16
Will: 10+6+2=18
Ref: 10+6=16
AC: 19-0/2/7=19/17/12

Bear (Black) (4HD, Save F2, L)
Fort: 10+2+2=14
Will: 10+1=11
Ref: 10+2-2=10
AC: 19-6=13