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Beyond the Great Maelstrom

by Sean Meaney

Legend of the Star Brothers
The Beginning of the Mystaran Universe

In the beginning the starbrothers stumbled across this crystal sphere and encountered there a universe empty of all things.
"Lo, let us make this free of the suffering and pain that spreads across the myriad realms through great and terrible flow." And so the starbrothers touched the within of the crystal sphere and folded it at the boundary that that which was within was greater than that which was without and that which was without was less than that which was within.
The Universe was now infinite and again they twisted and folded the sphere until it was inside itself and that which was inside was outside in.
And then they opened the elements and poured them into and across the sphere that spelljammer space might be concealed from all.
And behold as they created a star and a moon and journeyed out into their new Universe to create other stars and worlds.

In time life came to Mystara and immortals arose from the early life and spread and flourished in the Universe but deep beneath the surface of Mystara, elves who no longer looked at the sun and sky found the boundary and with the aide of their Immortal patron prepared to take the City of Stars into the flow itself.

But still the Starbrothers do not return.