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Simpler Weapon Mastery

by Håvard

We liked that it gave different weapons different benefits and that all weapons had some unique things that made them cool.

The fact that it made the PCs deal more damage per round meant that combat at higher levels was quicker even if the opponents had more Hit Points.

These days I would make it simpler:

Unskilled: -4 to Hit, 1/2 DMG
Basic: No bonus/penalties
Skilled: +2 to Hit, +1 1d6 DMG
Expert +4 to Hit +1d8 DMG
Master +6 to Hit +1d10 DMG
Grand Master +8 to Hit, +2d6 DMG

Example 1: A Magic user attacks with his dagger (expert mastery) at +4 to hit and does 1d4+1d8 points of damage (STR not included).
Example 2: A Fighter attacks with his 2H Sword (Grand Mastery) at +8 to hit and does 1d10+2d6 points of damage (STR not included).


Note that Weapon Mastery is never granted automatically. You need to find a trainer, spend time and in the end may not succeed. Masters and Grand Masters are difficult to find and may have better things to do than teach others. They may ask for favors in return. This can lead to many adventuring opportunities and roleplaying situations.