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Imperial Thyatian Fasces

by Jamie Baty

This is a unique item, one of the greatest artifacts of the Thyatian Empire, is only carried by the Emperor as a symbol of his status and his imperium. It may not be touched without the permission of the Emperor. It is four rods bound around a stylised axe. Tyrian purple silk strips bind the rods and axe.

It is not known who originally created the artifact, but even the earliest Emperors possesses it.

The Fasces have the following powers:
It is a Vorpal Great Axe +5, although due to the awkwardness of wielding it, its bearer suffers a -4 penalty to attack rolls and a -2 penalty to AC.
- It acts as a Rod of Dominion.
- It acts as a Rod of Victory.
- It acts as a Rod of Health.
- It acts as a Rod of the Wyrm (Lawful).

Note that this hasn't been completely converted 3.5E yet, although it wouldn't take much.