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Thoughts on the Atruaghi pantheon

by Jamie Baty

A few thoughts of mine:
- Native American Folklore and mythology is deeply rooted in the natural world and order. In addition to the patron Immortals, I think it would be reasonable to include Terra (Mother Earth), Ixion (Sun/Sky), Ordana (Forests), Protius (Sea), Ka (Creator/Keeper of Wildlife) and maybe a few others. Thanatos would probably be recognizable as Death as part of the natural order, not as a tool for suffering and evil.

- I would not overtly try to tie their immortals to the Azcans and Oltecs. Their isolationism is not the result of natural means, it was encouraged and promoted by an Immortal in order to save them. Given that, Atruaghin could actively work to limit the influence of immortals he felt would not benefit his people.

- I think many Immortals would shy away from the Children of Atruaghin, as their lifestyle is quite different than most of them would understand. And even if you did have some interest in them, you would have a fairly poweful Hierarch ready to seriously mess you up for interfering. Given Atruaghin has little interests outside of his people, I think most Immortals would be more than happy to steer clear.