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Tavern, 60x60, 1st & 2nd floors

by Bruce Heard

1. Clearing & Levelling: 39,600cp (evenly sloped terrain, city lot w/debris)
2. Foundations: 0cp (using pre-existing foundations)
3. a. Outside Walls: 4,800cp (large building, wood, painted)
3. b. Inside Walls: 2,998cp (wood, painted)
4. Floors: 151,200cp (wood, 1st & 2nd floor and stairs, no attic)
5. Roof: 50,400cp (wood tiles, peaked)
6. Doors: 2,622cp (2 outside doors, 9 inside doors)
7. Windows:2,160cp (12, 3x3, common stock)
Subtotal: 255,900cp

Additional Accoutrements:
Plumbing: nil
Furniture: 21,634cp
Fireplace & Chimney:4,320cp (2 fireplaces for a total of 360 cu. ft., common stock)
Total Value: 281,854cp, or roughly 2,819gp

Construction Time: 867 work days for a team of 10, or more than 31/2 years. ...yeah right!

Comments: These floors seem a bit high priced (???). Inside walls aren't covered in the guidelines (I suggest half the rate used for outside walls). And these workers seem awfully slow. Ten workers working on a building this size ought to be finished in two or three months... Time to re-revisit these labour issues, I would say! :o)