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The Taymoran Pantheon

by Giampaolo Agosta

Name A.K.A. Portfolio
Tanyt Nyx Night Mother, Creation
Sarrattalu Thanatos Death, the Otherworld
Melq-Ashtir Asterius Trade, Sailors, War
Qorun Khoronus The Sea, Rulership
Urtni Ordana Elves, Women, Forests
Sethlanis Wayland Metalsmithing, Volcanoes

CAL Any N; WAL Any; HS A miniature of a woman.
Tanyt is the primary Immortal in the Taymoran Pantheon. She is the creator of life, and the patroness of Night, who saved the Taymoran from the Longest Day, when fire rained from the sky.
She is strongest in winter, and her most holy celebrations are held during the longest night of the year and at the autumn equinox.
She is also the main patron of the ruling caste.
Tanyt is represented as a pale, beautiful woman with long tresses, either naked or wearing an ankle-long tunic and a large necklace.

CAL Any E; WAL Any; HS Eclipsed sun.
This Immortal is the personification of Death in the Taymoran religion.
His name means literally King of Darkness, and he is perceived as the ruler of the Otherworld. The commoners of the Taymoran City-State worship this evil god in an attempt to escape his wrath, and postpone the day of their demise. Only the Nosferatu nobles do not worship Sarrattalu, for they have been blessed by the Night Mother with the Water-of-Life, the blood which supports their eternal unlife.
Sarrattalu is never represented. His temples hold a giant size, empty throne of black volcanic rock.

CAL N or NG; WAL Any; HS An ingot in form of a stretched animal skin.
An aggressive, expansionistic Immortal, Melq-Ashtir is patron of Trade and Travellers, as well as a patron of warfare and conquest. He is worshipped by all castes, but especially by the upper-middle class, merchants, weaponsmiths, and warriors.
Temples of Melq-Ashtir serve as business centres, and offer arbitration, measurement, storage, and primitive banking services.
Melq-Ashtir is portrayed as a well-muscled, handsome man in his thirties, wearing only an animal skin wrapped around his hips.

CAL N or LN; WAL Any; HS A man's head covered by a feather headdress.
The Taymor Father, Qorun is the mythical progenitor of the Taymoran gods. He is represented as a middle age, bearded man wearing a crown with a conical feather headdress inside and a long tunic.
An Immortal Patron of rulership, he is revered mostly by the noble class, including the Nosferatu rulers, who see him as the first of the Undying Kings. Also the merchants worship Qorun, in his role of God of the Sea.

CAL N or NG; WAL Any non-E; HS A tree with a short trunk and many branches.
This Immortal is a patroness of the Shelash, the Sheyallia Elves who have obtained from the Undying King of Temuraz the right to live in the Eastern Borderlands. She is a nature goddess, but represents a solemn, ritualistic, rather than wild or untamed, aspect of nature.

CAL LN; WAL Any; HS A forge, or a volcano, or any red-hot metal.
The Immortal patron of metalsmithing. It is not known how Nyx convinced him to teach the Taymorans his secret techniques, but it is certain that he doesn't like them very much. The Taymorans try and appease him with many donations and sacrifices, but his volcanoes are always ready to unleash their deadly fluids over the miners.
Sethlanis is a patron of the Fomorian giants, and his represented as a muscle-bound giant with many tentacles instead of the lower legs, each tentacle ending in a fire-breathing snake head.