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Campaign journal

by Jamie Baty

First some background on my campaign: We have a slightly modified Known World- below Ierendi and Minrothad is another island group called Sardonia. It originated out of a very old campaign we had and inserted into Mystara. We viewed Thyatis as a version of the Byzantine Empire, shortly after the fall of the Western Empire. Sardonia is based off of the Empire in the Flavian era and early 2nd century.
Sardonia was originally settled by Milenians fleeing the collapse of their empire. Eventually it came into conflict with Thyatis, which conquered it and held it for several hundred years. They were driven out, but the Thyatians have never given up the hope of retaking the islands and have launched several invasions since then, but they have never had much long term success. Sardonia also is in a bitter conflict with Minrothad over trade rights and control of shipping in the Sea of Dread, leading to a perpetual state of privateering and limited naval conflicts.

Our current campaign is in the year AC 995. We have put it on hold until we convert everything to 3.5e (it could be awhile) But here is our current group:

Traianus Domitius Aurelianus : Son of a general from an important patrician family, He started his career as a Paladin of Tarastia. After receiving omens from Tarastia, and a personal request from the Princeps, he joined the Praetorian Guard as a junior officer. He quickly advanced to Tribune after undertaking several special missions for the Princeps. During the most recent conflict with Thyatis, his heroism saved the Princeps from both the Thyatians and an assassin within the Guard. For this he was promoted to command of the Guard and he led the Sardonia army as it expelled the Thyatian invasion force. During the final assault to retake the capital, the Princeps was killed, and Traianus was raised to the purple.

Cassandra Miltiades: Childhood friend of Traianus and a very dangerous swashbuckler/sorcerer. She joined the Sardonian Navy at an early age and became an excellent ship captain, harsh but fair. She has been given a death sentence in Minrothad for the number of Minrothad ships she has sent to the bottom of the sea. Traianus has promoted her to Admiral of the Fleet.

Aragorn du Chevias: An Alphatian wizard of pure blood, he was travelling in Ierendi when he met Cassandra and Traianus (both just starting out). Looking for adventure, he joined them and has been a loyal companion ever since. Although offered several posts by the Princeps, he has decided to return to Alphatia to research some magical spells and act as the Sardonian ambassador to Eriadne's court.

Alexander Julianus Maxentius: Born to a poor farmer on the Sardonian island of Thera, he looked destined to follow in his father's footsteps. Fate had other ideas when by chance a legionary cavalry officer saw him dispatch two orcs during a raid. He was enlisted into the Legio III Stormriders as a cavalryman. He proved talented, and gained a reputation for bravery and the ability to accomplish the impossible. He joined Traianus on many special assignments for the Princeps and they fast became friends. He eventually left the army and recruited an elite, mercenary cavalry unit. He contracted with Alphatia to fight on the Isle of Dawn, but returned (with his cavalry force) to help the Princeps and Traianus drive out the Thyatians. He currently is headed to Norwold to carve out a dominion for himself.

That's were we stand until the 3.5e conversion is complete.