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Thunderdelve dungeon map

by LoZompatore

In the following the full map of Thunderdelve Mountain dungeon (from XS1 adventure module) assembled from the pictures of single rooms shown in the booklet.

I added a few notes and details according to descriptions found in the module, and I did some minor modifications where pictures of nearby rooms did not match. Numbers on map refer to the entry to be read in XS1 to have a quick description of the area. Notice that further details about each room are scattered in other parts of the module so, in order to get a "classical" description of the dungeon, I'm afraid that an extensive reading of the module is required. Anyway, the entries I listed on the map could represent a good stating point for this.

This complete map could be useful for DMs wishing to play "Thunderdelve Mountain" module as a group adventure, instead of a solo quest (this option is also suggested in the module).

In my opinion, this dungeon is very nice and it has a lot of potential for further development, as it is also hinted in the adventure hooks at the end of the module. The deepest levels of the dvarvish settlement (where the dvarvish mines and the Forge of Power are located) are up to the DM to be developed. There are also possible underground connections to other cave systems located some miles away, where the goblins and the bandits will take refuge after being dislodged from Thunderdelve.

A detailed description of the whole cave system may also include the excellent hooks provided by Paleologos in his very nice article about Thunderdelve placement.