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Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan

Giampaolo Agosta

This set of secret passes have been developed by the Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan for use in their secret missions in Glantri.
In order to pass themselves off as wizards, these clerics often rely only on the staff and on unarmed attacks.
Most passes cannot be performed if the character is using a different weapon.

In order to learn these passes, one must belong to the Ten Thousand Fists, and have at least Strength and Dexterity scores of 11, plus the staff and martial arts proficiencies or masteries (if used).

Basic Pass
1) Yak's Kick : the character grabs the opponent and throws above his back to the ground. The opponent suffers -4 to his next initiative.
2) Golden Khan's Strike: the character pinches some nerves in the opponent's body. The enemy is slowed down, and suffers -2 to his AC until healed.
3) Disarming Fist: the martial artist hits the enemy's weapon, disarming him. The attack inflicts no damage, but the opponent has a +2 penalty on the next initiative roll. This attack can be performed with or without a staff.
4) Cretia's Tricks: the martial artists enters close combat range, thereby inflicting a -2 penalty to his opponent attack roll with large or medium-size weapons. The martial artist is able to keep contact until he is hit.

Difficult Pass
1) Wrist Lock: The martial artist grabs the opponent's weapon arm, allowing him to perform an automatically successful attack with his off hand.
2) Song Han's Lunge: the character perform a lunge with his staff, hitting the solar plexus or another vital point of the opponent, and inflicts double damage.
3) Fist of the Lawgiver: the martial artists performs two simultaneous punches against different opponents.

Master Stroke
1) Chibika's Throw: the character performs a throw as in the basic pass, but he twists the arm of the opponent in mid fly, inflicting 1d8 more hit points, plus Strength bonus.
2) Yamuga's Flying Staff: When this staff manoeuvre is performed, the martial artist spins the weapon and sends one end to connect against the opponent's head, forcing him to take a Constitution check at -6 or fall unconscious.

Death Move:
1) Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan: when performing this feared pass, the martial artist attacks his opponent with a flurry of deadly punches.
They inflict only normal damage, but, by striking with utmost precision, cause local paralysis to so many areas that the enemy is fully paralysed for 2d4 hours.

These manoeuvres can only be performed unarmed: Yak's Kick, Golden Khan's Strike, Cretia's Tricks, Wrist Lock, Fist of the Lawgiver, Chibika's Throw, Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan.

These manoeuvres can only be performed with a staff: Song Han's Lunge, Yamuga's Flying Staff.

The Disarming Fist manoeuvre can be performed with a staff or as an unarmed manoeuvre.