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The Ring of Thanatos

by Aaron Nowack

This ring appears to be an ordinary ring of three wishes. However, a qualified sage will be able to determine that it not only has another unidentifiable enchantment on it, but that it is a item of pure evil.

When a wish is used from it, the wish takes effect as normal, but one of the following effects takes place in addition (in order):

1) The character's description and location becomes known to Thanatos, who will pass it on to his priests.

2) At a future date, the character will be forced to betray the cause most dear to him.

3) The user becomes infected with a terrible disease, not curable by any mortal magic. His skin slowly becomes covered with a black rash. As the disease spreads, the character begins to hear strange thoughts and voices in his head. When the rash covers his entire skin, he becomes a pawn of Thanatos.

After the third wish is used, the ring's charges are reset, but the ring vanishes, sent to corrupt some other mortal.

While the ring is worn, a mortal suffers a -2 penalty to Constitution.

No mortal magic, not even a wish, can counter the effects of the ring.