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Donatello "The Black" Matrongle

by Giampaolo Agosta

Ghoul Lord, Captain of the Revenge, Former King of Ierendi
Ghoul 18, CE
Str 14, Int 13, Wis 11, Dex 13, Con 13, Cha 16
AC 0 (requires +2 weapons to hit; -2 AC/3 & Deflect 2 when wielding a rapier), HD 9+16, HP 70
Attacks: 1d6/1d6/1d10 + paralysis (unarmed) or 1d8+5 (or Disarm at -2 ST)/1d6+3 (x2 on 19-20) (rapier +2 and dagger +2)
Skills (9): Navigation 13, Artillery 13, Shipbuilding 13, Intimidation 14, Leadership 16, Bargaining 16, Deception 16, Piloting (Ship), Language (Ierendian Native, Thyatian 13)
Weapon Masteries (7): Rapier (Expert), Dagger (Expert), Spear (Basic)
Special Abilities (4): Retained Class Abilities (Thief, can MS, HS, RL, F/RT as T18), Lacedon, Agarat Scream, Elder Ghoul Light
Unique Abilities: Donatello's life-force is tied to the Revenge, his war galley. He can freely exchange his hit points with the ship's Hull Points (150).

Donatello was the last Matrongle king of Ierendi. He was lost during a naval expedition to explore the coast of Davania. At the time, the expedition was considered a foolish enterprise, one which drained the coffers of the kingdom and offered little reward. All traces of the expedition were lost, and the ships were considered to have been destroyed at sea by storms, and no search parties were sent -- also due to the political upheaval brought by the fall of the Matrongle dynasty.

However, the truth is far worse. Donatello's fleet was besieged by a flight of kal-murus, deadly air elementals who decimated the crews. Donatello's Magic-User opened a portal to save the king's ship, but, possibly due to the effects of the kal-muru vapours or the wounds he had suffered, he miscast his spell and sent the ship into Limbo's seas. There, Donatello and his crew were stranded for months, until they depleted their supplies and turned to cannibalism to survive. In time, the necromantic energies of Limbo's version of the Three Sister Keys and the unhealthy diet transformed Donatello and his crew into Ghouls.

Donatello and his undead crew scoured Limbo's Sea of Dread for centuries, accumulating magical lore and power, until Donatello's last Magic-User was finally able to gate the ship, now dubbed the "Revenge", back to the prime material plane. When he was able to return to Ierendi, Donatello was disgusted by the evolution of kingdom. He now wants to retake the crown and transform Ierendi into an undead pirate kingdom. He has established a base in Ha'ali Cove, on the eastern coast of Elegy, from where he aims to recruit powerful undead into his crew, before he can put his plans of conquest in motion.