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The Death of Emperor Thincol

by Jamuga Khan

It's perfect! Thincol and Torenal, the ultimate showdown in Limbo! See Mystara's greatest warriors go head-to-head in the shade of the Imperial Colosseum. The Masters of Chaos could sell tickets to sentient beings across the Multiverse.

What's about a short story about the death of emperor Thincol?

It would be something like that:

"Pain! All Thincol could remember was pain. But now the pain had gone. He notices the weeping servants around his bed, the motionless face of his son Eusebius. 'Stop weeping, you stupid folks' he shout, but nobody seemed to hear him. Determined he stand up and left his bed. No reaction! A nagging feeling told him that he had to be dead, but he didn't want to believe it. Thincol left his bedchamber and walked through his palace, but nobody could see him. Finally he say a man in armour watching him. 'You!' Thincol shouted, 'you can see me!' - 'Yes, of course, your Majesty. Don't you know who I am? Then I will tell you my name: I am Torenal.' - 'Torenal? Torenal is dead for years now! What are you doing here?' Torenal answered: 'You just have died, Thincol Torion. And I'm waiting for you since I've died. There's a matter we'll have to settle.' Shocked murmured the ex-emperor: 'Yes...yes, you're right, I know it.' Then he added: 'How will we handle it?' - 'We'll leave the living behind and go to a place where we will be undisturbed. Trust me, I had enough time to find it.' Thincol suddenly noticed that he now wore his arms and armour. 'Then let us go now, my old foe. The time has finally come.'

Anybody able to see the both would have seen now the both old dead fighters leaving the imperial palace to fight their long postponed duel. But of course no one say the both leaving..."