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Immortals of Thunder Rift

by Håvard

Here's another topic that I have been thinking about for years. It came up again when I was going through the TR NPCs.

Human Patrons
Finding Immortals for elves and dwarves is easy. Humans is what is tricky. The most important clue I have found so far was under the description of the temple of Melinir. All the Clerics mentioned are lawful. Also, the Melinir Temple offers free housing for Lawful Clerics (but not Neutral or Chaotic ones). Melinir is the only town in the valley to even have a proper temple. Torlynn and Kleine only have smaller Chapels.

So it seems like Thunder Rift religion is dominated by a Lawful Faith. My first idea was to use Terra. However, now I am not so sure. One alternative that other fan productions have used is to use the Traladaran Three, with the focus on Halav and Petra who are both Lawful. If a large section of the population are Traladarans, this faith could easily have spread here and become a dominant faith. Zirchev may also be worshipped, but not so much in the bigger settlements.

I am interested in hearing what the rest of you think.

Elven Immortals
Ilsundal and Mealiden will be the main ones here as the Thunder Rift elves are likely of Alfheim origins.

Dwarven Immortals
Kagyar is the most likely candidate here.

Halfling Immortals
Halflings may have adopted human customs when it comes to religion, or they could still tell tales of their High Heroes. I guess I prefer the latter as it makes them more distinct. Plus, I like the High Heroes and feel that they tend to get a bit neglected.

Gnome Immortals
There aren't too many Gnomes in Thunder Rift. Some live on the Burning Hills where they have been enslaved by Goblins. They live under the hope that Garal Glitterlode will one day free them from their bondage.

Rakasta Immortals
I need to check GP's Myoshima Gazetteer here as it also mentions the Aratasharai Rakasta of being from Myoshima originally.

Newt and Lizardman Immortals
I'm thinking Ka may have taken some interest in the Newts. The big dinosaur Immortal doesn't seem to be too interested in the Known World, but Thunder Rift may be an exception. Demogorgon is a good candidate for the less sympathetic lizardfolk.

Brichtwood Immortals
If we go with the Traladaran Three model for human Immortals, Zirchev might be a good candidate as a patron of Bran ap Seamus, the Unicorn King of those woods and his Centaur friends.

Grakken Immortals
My theory is that some sort of dark druidic sect has found its home in Grakken, under the leadership of a Gakkarak Druid. Eiryndul may be a good candidate as a patron of these woods.

Humanoid Immortals
Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins and Hobgoblins live in different corners of Thunder Rift. Karaash, Ranivorus and Wogar might be some of their patrons? Who is the patron of the hobgoblins?