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The Lost Tomb of Tkuharkut

by Sean Meaney

You journey toward the city in the desert with the Wolf Mkun, a merchant and bandit who leads your camels through the wastes.
A sandstorm drives you into a gully. But in the aftermath where you dig yourselves out, giant scorpions arise from the sand around you...

1- the entry, partly buried, is swarmed over by a horde of giant scorpions.

DM: there are a hundred Giant Scorpions in the Area in and around the tomb.

2- to the side of the entry stones, a narrow crawl leads to a hidden burial chamber containing the tomb Artisan's stone coffin. It contain's the remains of a dwarf, and his hammer and chisel.

DM: These are magical hammer and chisel of stone-crafting. These magic items allowed the artisan to carve the tomb in a week.

3- the crypt of Tkupharkut lies doen some 25ft of entry and is a thirty five feet diameter chamber with stone coffin on a dias, guarded by a statue of a squat, fat, gnarled tree that holds the ceiling aloft, reaching out across the chamber ceiling. There is something elf-like about the stonework.

DM: the coffin contains the remains of the wizard named Tkupharkut. He wears a ring of spell storing with 10 first level spell slots.