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Temporal Bridge Gate of Ardelphia

by Robin

This picture of Real World Azalea Park Kromlau Germany I altered & used to create the Image of the Temporal Bridge Gate of Ardelphia.
Do notice the different tree effects/leaf differences. the section within the circle is clearly spring with fresh leaves with a misty haze, sun at morning , while the rest is late summer with darker leaves, clear bright sky and shades dictate late afternoon.

A forgotten magical artifact they forgot to turn of, so every full moon is visible, the portal will be opened, destination ; the same, Time destination: unknown, but at least after the gate was created.
Glantrian mages banned for their dangerous practices and seeking asylum in the Free state of Ardelphia, they continued their interesting fascinating and dangerous work.
The gate was finished 12th Yarthmont 842 AC, just a few years before the destruction of the city of Ardelphia in 846 AC. The gate still exist in 1455 AC, as some time travellers found out, but in bad state, erosion took its due, and it is estimated the gate will not exist for very long.
As thus it is estimated that Time travel can be between any of these dates as long the bridge exists. The travel goes both ways, but only on days the full moon is up.
To be able to return to your reality, you may not change anything, only look...Minor changes (footsteps, eating, talking to someone without giving ideas, personal magic, buying items were more exist, etc).will not affect your reality. DM take care... all have fun